Eric L. Hicks Sr


Eric has successfully completed the AC Accredited Professional Coach Training at Prague Training Academy, he is a Life Transition Coach. "My passion is to help people find more balance, freedom, and personal empowerment in their lives. I accomplish those objectives by facilitating a "journey of self-discovery" as my clients navigate through major life transitions. An example of a major life transition would be the journey from a location bound corporate employee to a location independent entrepreneur. There are indeed many life transitions and "Rites of Passage" that we experience over a lifetime. These transitions are often a time of confusion and turmoil. During these transition times we seek to reassess our values, change our behaviors, and execute a plan of action to move us closer to our new goals. I am here to help my clients discover the way forward for themselves. I am uniquely suited to support my clients through life transitions based on a combination of life experiences, academic studies, and vocational trainings. In addition to my training as a certified Professional Life Coach, I hold a BS degree in Chemistry-Biology and a Master's degree in Public Health (MPH). I also have many years of experience as a student of Shamanism and several other Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) healing modalities"