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5 Oct 2017

You have one life, don`t waste it!

Sometimes it takes quite a long time to awaken to the reality! It is very important to select the right people as your friends, partner, colleague, business partner or anyone who you interact with 24/7 . It is very true that people around you, have a huge impact in shaping your life style, gaining new skills or dropping off old habits. There is...
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11 Sep 2017

What is it that you’re ready to release from your life today?

Letter to myself Living in /with the past does not always serve us. Actually it is very difficult to open a space for the new experiences, new challenges, new learning without letting go of the past. We need to open a space for the new, if we want to have the “change “ in our...
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11 Sep 2017

Why most of the Coaching Projects Fail at Organizations ?

Coaching is a great leadership tool when used professionally. Today; many organizations start to notice the importance of coaching. They know that coaching culture is solid base for successful organizations.  Some organizations spend lots of money on training their leaders on coaching. Some organizations just ask managers to transform into great coaches from day to tomorrow. Leaders...
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10 Sep 2017

What coaching really is….

You may have noticed that nowadays everyone started to talk about coaching. There are lots of professionals extending their interest on development and becoming professional certified coaches. More and more we hear life coaching, business coaching, sales coaching, executive coaching, relationship coaching, sports coaching, success coaching…. So why we start to hear more and more...
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