InstructorSteven Payne
TypeOnsite Course
DateMar 24, 2020 - Mar 26, 2020
Time9:30 - 17:30
PlacePrague Training Academy
Price26000czk (+vat)21000(+vat) early bird
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Presentation and Public Speaking Skills Training

Do you want to free yourself of public speaking anxiety?

Do you want to be able to deliver great presentations that your audience and you enjoy?

Do you want to feel comfortable and relaxed when speaking in public or giving presentations?

Do you want to develop greater self- confidence?

Would you like to be able to motivate, engage and inspire those around you?

This 3 day course will absolutely transform the way you speak in public and deliver presentations forever!

Our Advanced Presentation and Public Speaking Skills training is based on the neuroscience of communication and focuses on practice and learning through ‘doing’.

This training will give you the ability to connect with and move your audience to action and will absolutely transform the way you speak in public and deliver presentations forever!


Who is this course for?
~Anyone who wants to be able to speak confidently in public
~Anyone who gives presentations and wants to deliver them with greater impact
~Anyone interested in continuing their personal or professional development

You, Your Message, Your Audience

In this training we will focus on the 3-key parts necessary for great public speaking:

1. Your state, voice and body as an instrument through which you will deliver your message

2. Your message itself. Our instructor Steve Payne has developed a methodology for delivering messages over the last 30-years, that
is guaranteed to resonate with your audience. This method is based on a proven storytelling formula.

3. Your Audience. Let’s face it, speaking is about moving an audience to do or think something different. Steve will show you how this is done.


Course Overview

A presentation skills and public speaking course is absolutely a personal development course. You will find that the increased confidence you develop will impact many other areas of your life also. As well as being fun and a great learning experience, the course will be challenging and stretch you beyond where you currently believe your boundaries to be. It will be an intensive and hugely rewarding experience. Our intention is to guide you and give you what you need so that you can be the most confident and engaging public speaker you can be.

Join our advanced public speaking skills course with Steve Payne.

The course is led by Steve Payne (UK). Steve is one of the most engaging trainers in the UK and has been an international executive coach, presenter, facilitator and professional actor for the last 25 years. Steve is also one of very few Master Trainers of NLP in the UK and founder of NLP Dynamics and the Academy of Coaching and Training. As well as Steven’s experience as a trainer and coach, he brings many key presentation skills and public speaking techniques not taught in most presentation skills courses.

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Early bird offer is valid until March 2nd!

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