InstructorMaria Wills
TypeOnsite Course
DateNov 8, 2017
Time18.30 - 19.30
PlacePrague Training Academy
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Meditation techniques have been available and practiced for thousands of years. The benefits of meditation are known to reduce stress, anxiety, improve concentration and promote well-being.

We live in a busy world and we often forget to take a break and relax. Taking time each day to be mindful, helps us to access the body’s own natural relaxation response, to get more clarity and increase self- awareness.

Mindfulness is a practice that teaches you to be in the present moment, to be aware of your thoughts and feelings and be in a state of acceptance. By focusing your attention on the here and now, you allow the connection between your body and mind to be in harmony and in a state of balance. Practiced regularly, mindfulness can support you to be fully engaged in your activities and increase your ability to deal with different situations with more ease.

In this Meditation, we focus our attention on the breath, allowing the body to relax while being more present and mindful. By being more aware of the link between your body and mind, you learn to come into alignment with your being and support yourself more into living a happy life.