InstructorSteven Payne
TypeOnsite Course
DateFeb 12, 2020 - Feb 14, 2020
PlacePrague Training Academy
Price48,00042,000 ( early bird price until 20th December)
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Help Your Organization

This program introduces a new leadership language, incorporating the skills of Neuro Linguistic Programming and designed to help managers super visors leaders to increase the impact they have by challenging assumed constraints through greater awareness and installing empowering beliefs strategies and actions Implement professional coaching skills to your organization to imp rove their performance productivity help them achieve their full potential and ultimate goals An NLP Coaching approach in organizations helps managers and leaders to create a growth and success culture by developing their team members’ and their results.

Who is this course for?

This course is for managers, leaders and also individuals who wish to learn the new leadership language for effective and empowering business conversations to grow people and create successful organizations, creating grow culture to achieve organizational goals and internal coaches as well as managers and business leaders who would like to improve their leadership skills and whose work involves assisting others to improve their performance.

Why Coaching is important in Leadership?

Coaching is a very powerful leadership tool that initiates big changes in the organizations` internal communication and growth strategy.

On this course, you will learn:
➢ Use Coaching Competencies to promote open,
confidential and trust base communication
➢ Apply Coaching Competencies into Coaching
Conversations with team members
➢ Practice International coaching standards,
practices and ethics
➢ Utilize coach specific tools and skills, including
many complimentary NLP techniques
➢ How to establish the coaching agreement
➢ Utilize conversational belief change
➢ Be aware of Coaching tips and traps
➢ Manage Organizational Change/Culture Change
➢ Help your team to identify how goal link to
business and personal growth
➢How to create measurable action plans
➢ Get the most from Performance coaching
➢ Practice the 3 Levels of spoken communication
➢ Develop and maintain effective Coaching plan
within your organization
➢ Understand Professional Coaching
➢ How to conclude the coaching relationships
➢ Coach Executive s and Leaders

Help your organization to improve performance, productivity and grow individuals to their highest potential.