TypeOnsite Course
DateOct 26, 2017
Time18.30 - 20.00
PlacePrague Training Academy
Price300 - 250 czk (for students)
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Burn-out is manifesting itself more and more, and its causes and effects are as diverse as the people who are coping with it. In general, burn-out is a life changing event, one where your body no longer asks for a change but demands one. For many, burn-out is a crisis; a sudden event where feeling overwhelmed, anxiety and at times depression are not uncommon. But in going through the process of healing we realise that this event does not occur overnight, but that it has clear catalysts that can be recognised and accepted in order to prevent it happening again.

In this workshop, “The Power of Burn-out”, Ines Gaston, psychologist, coach and first-hand witness, introduces a practical approach. She will talk about the causes and effects of burn-out, share useful insights and practical tools for dealing with it, and elaborate on how to bid farewell to burn-out for good.

Given her academic background in clinical psychology, and her 9 year experience in HR within diverse international organisations, Ines is well-placed to share her personal and professional insights to help individuals and organisations prevent burn-out.