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Learn New Skills

Develop your communication skills to speak better with the world!

It is proven that individuals who can communicate with impact are more fulfilled, happier and successful in life. We designed the following courses to support your success journey in life and at work!

Successful Negotiation Skills Training
Would you like to learn how to negotiate better and ensure the WIN WIN success in your daily negotiations? We all negotiate everyday both on professional and personal level. Negotiation is a key for successful continues relations. We negotiate with our partner, friends, children. We negotiate at bank, we negotiate with our landlord, we negotiate at work with our manager, employer… Negotiation is everywhere… In business it is vital and key for success.

Identify your individual style, preference as a negotiator, understand the communication styles, building rapport, learn how to plan negotiation strategy, how to handle pressure and conflict and many more skills for successful negotiations.

Advanced Selling for Non Sales Training
Selling is an ART! It is an art of uncovering the needs of your clients and tailoring the right solution ! It is all about setting the right communication! We are all part of a sales process throughout our daily life. In each interaction we have with our friends, colleagues, partner, manager, car dealer, supplier, we perform different stages of sales cycle. Would you like to learn the math behind the sales process?

Join our 5 modules Advanced Selling Training to discover the world of a successful sales person!

Self Presenting and Public Speaking Training
Another key area in life; how you present yourself, your project, your achievement!
This course is designed to increase the confidence at any presentations! It is so important to present your idea, yourself, achievements, plans, projects clearly to the audience. Would you like to learn how to connect with your audience and create impact-full presentations!
Get ready to be challenged and go beyond your boundaries.
NEXT TRAINING DATE: 15-16-17th February 2019