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11 Sep 2017

What is it that you’re ready to release from your life today?

Letter to myself

Living in /with the past does not always serve us. Actually it is very difficult to open a space for the new experiences, new challenges, new learning without letting go of the past. We need to open a space for the new, if we want to have the “change “ in our life.
Our past made who we are today. Every experience we`ve been through tought us and every person we interacted helped us to decide what we want and who we want to be.
We offen keep remembering the events or people; what happened to me, what people said or did, how events occured and hurt us and keep victimazing ourselves in the darkness of the past.
It hits like a bumerang; the more we try to avoid similar experiences / situations of past, the more we create similar experiences today. We attract the similar situations, we attract the similar type of people and this goes on and on…
Do you know why we keep attracting them?
Everytime we think of what we want and what we don`t want, we feed the situation or the person with the energy. The more we think, the more we feed them, grow them and invite them to our life.
It is easy to avoid the unwanted coming to your life; Focus on what you want.
Do not focus at all on what you want to avoid or what you do not want.  If you keep focusing and thinking on what you are scared off, you will attract it to your life even much faster.
It is time to let go of your worries and your fears.
It is time to release the heaviness of the past experiences and the emotions that occupied our wardrobes and open space for the new.
We kept searching for the answers outside, now it is time to search for the answers inside.
Its time to release the relationships did not serve any longer for our good and the attached energy.
It is time to letting go of the need for approval from the others.
It is time to reconnect within the self and noticing the power within.
Once we clear of the emotional meanings we loaded to our past and the people, we will feel like we offloaded tones of weight from our life.
So that we can continue to our journey being ready for the new.
Today is a wonderful day to release the heaviness of the past and let go of the attachement and being ready for the new and the change….
Are you ready?     

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