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You have one life

5 Oct 2017

You have one life, don`t waste it!


Sometimes it takes quite a long time to awaken to the reality!

It is very important to select the right people as your friends, partner, colleague, business partner or anyone who you interact with 24/7 . It is very true that people around you, have a huge impact in shaping your life style, gaining new skills or dropping off old habits. There is a saying; tell me who is your friend and I will tell you who you are.  The law of the universe tells that alike attracts alike. Therefore we say; we attract not what we want but who we are inside. This information is important to realize by looking at the people who are in close contact with us and see the parts, habits we mirror each other.

And sometimes it is very difficult to see and identify the reality behind our interaction with our closest ones. It has a huge impact on shaping who we are and who we will become as we said.

If you are in any close relationship with a person who is very negative, lacking self confidence, does not feel the joy of life, pessimist, continuesly criticizes you and everthing around re think of your interaction with that person. It is very true that those type of people not only harm themselves by prisoning in themselves from the happiness and the joy of the life but also they take a lot of energy from their closest environment. Lets see how those people could have an effect on your life;

If they like to critise everything: The person who criticizes everyone throws continuously negative energy around. Being under continues criticism may have a very serious harm on people. According to psychologists  criticizing may trigger shame, anger, fear and feed into your insecurities about being unworthy or incompetent. Staying very long under critics may have a negative impact in self esteem. You should always double check the real intention of the critics. It is usually about the person and self limitations than about the one who is being criticised.

If they complain about everything; The person who complains from everything, sees the negative side on everything. Such people are a great source of negative energy and they spread it all around so quickly same as pessimists and the others who do not wish to live the joy of the life. It is not a coincidence everytime we meet such people we feel also negative and drained. They act like they carry the load of the life in their shoulders.

Each of us have a choice everyday on how we will feel and what meaning we will give to our day experience. If we remain to be around such people who are not willing to proceed in life with joy and happiness, chooses to stay in the dark side, believe me or not, soon or later you will start to be very alike, loose your positive look and your happiness level will drop of dramaticly. The more important is we do not understand how they have such negative impact on our confidence and self esteem level.

Life is one, if you believe that you don`t deserve to be threated this way, say No and move on!

It is never late! Choose and be around those people who help your development and build a strong foundation for your happiness growth in life!

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