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Prague Training Academy

In the heart of beautiful Prague; we work on development, change and transformation.

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20 years of corporate business experience shaped with learning and development passion, science based education and transformation.

Who we are?

We INSPIRE GROWTH via our trainings, masterminds, workshops, coaching, mentoring or consultancy sessions we deliver. We bring years of solid expertise in education management, training, consultancy, leadership and sales management that we have gained over the past 20 years in various industries to every single project we work on. English is the unifying language of our trainings and workshops. We are an International team.
Our sub brand International School of Coaching from Japan to Croatia; we have an international learning experience. Would you like to join PTA family?

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Our Corporate Clients

School of Coaching

Back in 2015, we opened the first course In Prague and first Accredited Coach Training delivered in English language. 

Since then our professional coach community kept growing. Over the short period of time, our international family grew with 45 new coaches, here in Prague. 

Leadership Academy

We blended our Leadership experience to an Inspirational, Transformational Authentic Leadership training and mentoring program. 

We claim this program will transform you in every aspect. 


Talent Development

How do you identify the talent within your organization? 
How do you grow the talent within your organization? 
How do you motivate and engage the talent ? 
Learn our proven talent development program.

Learn New Skills

Develop new skills with our advanced communication techniques based programs. Learn how developing your negotiation skills, sales and marketing techniques self presenting and public speaking skills can improve your everyday and business life!

Certification Programs

Raise your professional credibility with globally recognized certification programs. 

On-line Courses

Develop new skills with our advanced communication techniques based programs. Learn how developing your negotiation skills, sales and marketing techniques self presenting and public speaking skills can improve your everyday and business life!


Prague Training Academy - Testimonials

“The people participating in the coaching seminar designed for IKEA were extremely Happy and I only have very positive feedback. I would really say that they benefit not only as individual but also as a team working together and supporting each other for extraordinary personal development achievements!”

Alessandro Lagazio – IKEA HR DIRECTOR

Prague Training Academy’s trainings are run in a very professional environment by experienced team and instructors. I have benefit a lot myself and also the people that I am working with (direct reports and coaches). One of the best trainings that I was attending is “Coaching with NLP”, it is one of the most transformational training that I have been participating so far in my carrier. As a Sales Manager it is very important to know how to coach your people and turn them into professionals. I strongly believe that PTA is one of the best training academy that is delivering great results with professional and experienced people.

Lidia Barbutu, Senior Sales Manager, Microsoft

From the beginning, PTA has provided a great experience in which to learn and become a better person. To start with, they held an information session for both the coaching and NLP trainings. Then, the Master trainer is one of the best coach and NLP trainers in the world. And finally, after the classes, they organize frequent meetings of the training graduates to keep in touch and continue their personal growth. PTA has been one of the best experiences of mine, since I moved to Europe three years ago!

Tom Kent, Professional Coach

In January 2017, I was searching for tailored advance communications’ training in native English, to address the needs of my team. I interviewed a few well-known training companies. After a month, it became clear that only Prague Training Academy has met our needs and answered all the requirements for the content, delivery and trainer. Prague Training Academy team were very attentive, professional and sufficient in all the process. Through series of consultations, they adjusted the content of the training to meet those specific needs. The training itself was well organized and extremely well received by the team. The trainer was very experienced in NLP based techniques for advance communication. He addressed all the team’s questions and kept their attention for the full eight hours. Each team member left with at least three techniques that they would implement in their work. PTA followed up with exercises to help the team make the most out of the presented content ‘

Miroslava Mihaleva, Operations Team Manager, Cisco Sellbytell

I’ve been engaging Pague Training Academy in a series of trainings to help me and my team of 8 increase our efficiency and also happiness at work. Through a series of consultations, they adjusted the content of the trainings to meet our specific needs for development and even helped us re-think some of our processes. This was an important and valuable step which enabled us to reshape and fine tune our internal cooperation within the team and outside it and significantly contributed to shorten the time needed for accomplishing our tasks. Additionally the people are more committed, energetic and open for new projects and overall team productivity is increased. I highly recommend PTA as a trustful partner for people development.

Diana Masopust (Alexandrescu), DemGen Manager TGB CEE South Oracle

We are very grateful that we stumbled upon Prague Training Academy and it’s amazing team. Because of their efforts and professionalism, we were able to create a tailored made training for our department. The training itself was very inspirational, both trainers showed in-depth knowledge in the subject matter and they successfully achieved a perfect blend of theory and practice. The feedback that we received from all the participants was positive and we feel that the overall goal of the training was successfully meet. Thank you for all your efforts and looking forward in future cooperation.

Alexandru Oprea , Training Coordinator, Oracle

Just over a year ago I decided to look for a company, which would provide us with a tailored made training course in English language for our multi national speaking staff. I have spend large amount of time searching for the right company (and there are many) and finally all my search came down to only one. Prague Training Academy was the only one in many, which would completely meet our requirements. In our company we believe that only continues skills training can keep us reaching for high clients expectations and therefore this investment in our staff is something we take for granted. Prague Training Academy was very professional, I have very rarely came across with such an sufficiency and professionalism. Few days after we were given the dates and the training course was set and organized. All of our staff was very pleasantly surprised of the quality of the training course and the tutor (which was native English speaking). After that experience I wanted to get more involved in personal developments myself and therefore I have decided to join the Coaching Certificate Program and NLP course, which many of those learnt skills I am successfully applying in my work and day to day life. I have only to recommend Prague Training Academy and its quality professional and highly skilled staff.

David Kaufman, General Manager, PLUS Prague