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We developed a unique Employee Wellness program blended with many different techniques. At work there is either positive force which is SUCCESS or negative force called is STRESS. The stress has a destroying effect, destroys the successful communication, brain power, concentration level, productivity and at the end the performance. The studies show that someone who is under constant stress ends up with a severe depression and burn-out. Unfortunately all comes silently and development of those symptoms are very slow. The era of working for money is slowly ending. There is a serious consciousness developed among the work force and the organizations. The success criteria is changing too. Organizations invest in their employees and the working environments are changing. Self realization brings leading with or without title. Organizational charts are getting flat and involvement is a high priority for creating the success culture. Therefore happy employees means happy and productive organizations. With our employee wellness program we help your employees to connect within to increase the creativity, productivity and success overall. We help them to create new neurons to support brain development. We teach them scientific ways how to create their own happiness and fulfillment in life. We teach the ways to relax their body, mind and brain during / after a busy day schedule. We help you to create happy organizations!

What we offer?

  • Employee Mindfulness Program ( 2hrs / week )
  • Breathing Techniques for Stress Relief ( 1hr /week)
  • Transformational Breath Work Session ( 45 min / week)
  • Neuroscience for Success and Happiness at work
  • Body- Mind – Emotions Balance ( 3 hrs workshop)
  • Breathe Deeply, Live Joyfully ( 3 hrs workshop)
  • Prevent Burn – OUT & De stress your life ( 3 hrs workshop)
  • Goal Setting with Neuroscience
  • Change your Mind & Change your Life
  • Emotional Management Techniques
  • EQ
  • Emotions at Work
  • Mindfulness at Work

Contact with our training and HR consultant to decide the most suitable training for your organization. Send us an email at info@praguetrainingacademy.com

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