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PRAGUE TRAINING ACADEMY is an organization dedicated to continuous learning and growth of  adults in the fields of education, professional development, coaching and training. If you are looking for a unique programme consist of practical tools and techniques of positive psychology and coaching, as well as the knowledge and best practice, Prague Training Academy is the right partner for your KA1 Mobility projects!

With our  highly professional team of experts we tailor and deliver “hands-on” experience based trainings designed for your needs. Please contact our education consultant for your inquiry: info@praguetrainingacademy.com


Courses for adult education and teachers training

  • Coaching in education
  • Coaching in career councelling
  • Coaching in youth development
  • Discovering the potential of youth
  • Experiental learning
  • Creativity in teaching
  • Intercultural diversity in the classroom
  • Drama in education
  • Engagement and motivation of students
  • Developing presentation skills of students
  • How to teach problem solving techniques
  • Happiness at school
  • Well-being at work for teachers
  • Preventing early dropout
  • Feedback and evaluation
  • Storytelling in education
  • How to effectivly communicate with parents and motivate them for collaboration
  • Preventing miscommunication in culturally diverce classroom
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Advanced communication skills
  • Innovative techniques for teaching language

Didn’t find the suitable course for your staff? Send us an email with your inquiry, we will be happy to help you: info@praguetrainingacademy.com

WHY Prague Training Academy?

We are a team of experienced coaches, trainers and teacher trainers based in Prague, Czech Republic. We strongly believe that change comes within. All our programmes are designed to make the „shift“ in every individual of all ages. We are the only provider of the Association of Coaching Accredited Professional Coaching Skills Training Certificate Programme in Czech Republic. We are proudly running Success Coaching Sessions for university students – a project to empower students in their life and career path, discover their potential and enhance their strenght based self confidence and employability.

  • Dedicated expert team
  • Hands-on approach to learning
  • Innovative tools and techniques
  • Certification
  • Follow up
  • Delivering trainings in 3 languages (English, Czech, Turkish)
  • Training room in the heart of Prague
  • Facilitation and consultancy services
  • Cultural program and guided tours
  • Guidance for your projects within other major cities in the Czech Republic