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We define our Leadership Academy program as „Transformational“. There are many styles and paths of effective leadership, we are committed to help to discover the potential in every individual that brings the real change and is key to achieve excellence in all aspects of life.

PTA Leadership Academy program is customized to your organization‘s values and leadership approach, focusing on developing the mindset of a leader, helping them identifying their individual and authentic style. PTA leadership program ensures the knowledge, skill and ability to inspire, motivate and lead to empower others towards the achievement of a goal. Leaders that support individual talent growth, generate the trust and empower their team to execute strategies that bridges the vision of your organization.
PTA Leadership Academy motto;


Each of our Leadership Program is designed for every organization individually, we do not provide catalogue trainings! PTA Leadership Academy program can be designed for all levels of leaders in your organization. If your organization is going through structural changes that requires growing the leaders within, you will find our „Awaken the Leader within“ program extremely benefitial for the newly appointed leaders who will receive solid leadership foundation skills in order to ensure the smooth transition to their new role and develop their inspirational leadership style.

Why PTA Leadership Academy program?

 Transformational program – discover the full potential in each leader that leads to behavioural change
 Professional team of experts with global experience
 Flexibility and mobility in your global projects
 Advanced communication skills training
 Proven learning techniques, methodologies and tools
 Interactive in-class trainings with business cases, games and simulations involved
 Coaching certificate
 Creating the coaching culture within the organization
 NLP ( neuro-linguistic programming) approach
 Ongoing coaching support
 Follow up webinars after each training session