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After many years of coaching and mentoring experience, in each case we ended up in the same conclusion. Everyone is seeking for happiness and fulfillment in life. The way how individuals would like to achieve the end goal; the happiness definition differs. Some are looking for that through the earning more money, having family, looking for a better partner, buying a better car or mobile or moving to a bigger house, some want to become a manager, some want promotion and salary increase, some look for recognition, some focus on sports and building a healthier life, some seek for success… and some look for financial freedom…. and many more but at the end everyone is seeking for peaceful and happier life.

So why still many people who achieve their career goals, financial goals are unhappy and unfulfilled? Why marriages still don`t work? Why we keep searching for better and better?

Human beings are great collectors. We create and collect emotions, experiences, things, memories…. We develop patterns and create our own map of our world. That world of the map represents the way how we perceive life, how we perceive others, how we name our emotions, how we give meaning to everything what happens around us.  Our map of the world also represents our filters as well as our limitations. As we live, we create stories. Then those stories guide our life.

As Tony Robbins says; If you change your story, you can change your life.

We are all unique and each of us have own journey in this life. Each decides the milestones and the destination. We work with clients who would like to achieve the true happiness in their journey.

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