Iveta Clarke
Professional Leadership Coach, Facilitator


Iveta Clarke, PCC, professional leadership coach and facilitator who participated in shame and vulnerability accreditation program delivered by Brene Brown in San Antonio, Texas. Brene Brown is a Professor of Sociology at University of Texas, who spent last 12 years studying human shame, vulnerability and courage. Her two TED.com talks on these topics belong to the most popular presentations on this platform and her several books are worldwide bestsellers . Iveta works with the categories of shame and vulnerability since 2013: working with motivated individuals and groups, introducing these topics to the Czech context and culture, running public workshops, translating Brene's books, publishing articles (Business Woman, Moje Psychologie, Psychologie Dnes) and speaking at public events and conferences (www.venzkrabice.cz ). Recently, she brings the theme of shame, vulnerability and courage into the working, and especially corporate teams environment.