InstructorEbru Sznapkova
TypeOnline Course
DateMay 11, 2020 - Jun 8, 2020
Price4500 CZK + VAT ( Special Covid-19 promotion price)
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Accelerate your mood, performance and productivity at work, at home and in life. 

Course Dates: 

11.5.2020 20:00-21:30
18.5.2020 20:00-21:30
25.5.2020 20:00-21:30
1.6.2020 20:00-21:30
8.6.2020 20:00-21:30

The way we exercise our body to keep up the shape, immune and healthy;  we need to exercise our brain.

This training is a science based training that will enable you to think outside of the box, will increase your awareness of individual mental, emotional process and will teach you how to increase your overall productivity and happy state in life.

As you get more familiar with your emotional, mental behavioral process; it will help you to accelerate your attention management, develop better relations at work and at home, accelerate our overall performance and satisfaction.

This training is a transformational training that will challenge the way you think, act and behave. You will re code your mind for success and productivity while getting deeper understanding of your emotions, relations and performance.

Enroll this training to boost your performance and get full control of your life.