Recharge, re-focus and reset!


Are you craving for a break to disconnect from your daily race of managing complex change? Change the game!

Change the game!

The unprecedented uncertainty driven by the geopolitics, rising inflation, supply-chain issues, labor costs and changes in work models, stakeholder expectations, customer shifting behavior and so on seem to “change the game” at a crazy pace. This places tremendous pressure on leaders who have the responsibility to successfully navigate their companies towards their vision. Often, executives have no time to step back and ask essential questions to evaluate if they are still on track to create the best possible future for their companies:

“Am I leading the company in the right direction? Is the current strategy delivering on the goals? Is this the leader I want to be? What am I creating? What am I missing? How do I continue?”

Leadership focus is more important than ever to rightfully calibrate the strategy and the resources to confidently drive change and deliver an exceptional organizational performance!

It is high time to DISCONNECT!





To be able to RECONNECT!

With yourself

Your power to lead ground breaking transformation

Your creative thinking

Your ability to inspire people to do things they never thought possible

Time to stop and think strategically!

Why now? Because now, more then ever, leaders are challenged to constantly re imagine and adapt their strategies, plans and communication on multiple levels: internally, with the supply chains, with clients, and so on…

Overall, today’s executives are grappling with the overwhelming operational challenges as fast reaction to market movements can always lead to significant competitive advantages.

However, as a leader, you often don’t have time to stop and think strategically.

When you barre the responsibility for hundreds or even thousands of employees, investors, suppliers and clients, the pressure of balancing performance and decisions in a fast-changing business environment is tremendous.

What does that mean on a personal level?

  • Being constantly in alert
  • Operating in crisis mode
  • Working around the clock to maintain control
  • Experimenting
  • Needing to decide, often without sufficient data

And so on…

The stress becomes overwhelming.

There’s never enough time to decompress, to assess, to breathe…

When you are in a leadership position, this situation is dangerous in many ways. Most importantly:

  • it is not allowing your brain to access its full creative potential, causing brain fog and often leading to a decision fatigue
  • It’s crippling you from demonstrating empathy, which is so important in building rapport, trust and credibility with people

When you’re constantly preoccupied to extinguish fires, you run the risk of missing opportunities or becoming an absent, unavailable leader and that’s when disconnection happens.

All these elements take their tows on your overall health and ability to lead, impacting not just your performance but as well the whole organization, and even worse, your private life.


Take a break! Clear your mind and take a step back to see the bigger picture!


If there’s any positive thing we got from the pandemic, it is that it brought a lot of self-awareness.

The successful leader of tomorrow is not just demonstrating the competences, but also authenticity, connection, real purpose and being intentional about humanity.

The world is changing. It is time for leaders to reset and rewire as well!

Being in a role or even in the same organization for a long time, may often limit the belief about what can be changed.

This is why connecting with other leaders facing similar challenges is instrumental for getting inspired. Peer-to-peer masterminds are probably the most powerful tool for unleashing ideation.

In a safe, relaxing space, with the guidance of experienced leadership coaches, who stimulate thought-provoking discussions and ensure all ideas are heard and embraced with openness and enthusiasm is where the mind feels at ease to create and explore possibilities with other like-minded executives.



Clear your mind!




And get ready to build a new, exciting future for your organization and yourself!


Experience an immersive and very exclusive retreat program designed to perfection!

10 seats only

1x onboarding coaching session before the retreat

3 incredible days spent in a unique location set on one of Türkyie Fethiye’s iconic Cove’s, Turunc Pinari, that can only be accessed by boat

3x executive coaching sessions

2x masterminds

1x executive coaching follow-up session



A unique opportunity to unwind and experience a one-of-a-kind program!

 Offload the stress and open up for an experience that will elevate your leadership and potentially open new horizons!

Connect and ideate with like-minded executives who are ready to share their experience and to open their minds and their hearts to inspire and support you!

Give yourself the opportunity to rewind and reconnect with your values and your vision!

PTA certified executive coaches and facilitators are ready to support you to make the most out of this program, putting in their knowledge and their endless passion!

So what are you waiting for?

Book your seat today and join this exclusive and well-deserved getaway!


What do you get with this program?

See and analyze your business situation objectively with more clarity

Connect withing and bring inside-out balance to your life

Find your authentic leadership voice

Learn from others and find your own answers

Share, learn and grow with other experienced leaders

Reset, Refresh, Recharge and Restart

The Retreat Program


Resources for success (Stress, time, energy)

Success mindset and ultimate success formula brain workshop


Your authentic leadership style (Setting inner compass)

Mastermind 1


Success health check (Purpose, Goals, Mission, Vision)

Mastermind 2

The Location

Yazz collective, a perfect hideaway

A seaside heaven set on one of Fethiye’s iconic Cove’s, Turunç Pınarı that can only be accessed by boat is the destination filled with opportunities for culinary experiences, spiritual discoveries and relaxation.

With its green architecture and eco-conscious approach you will experience this unearthed haven in purest form with a touch of luxury. Timeless settings by local and natural materials combined with modern and traditional feel designed very specifically to take advantage of the natural splendor. The soulfull concept of our design is sustainable and hand-in-hand with comfort and style. Their inspiration came from simplicity to create a collective space connect guests to the spirit of a place where nature has to offer

The elegant, timeless setting, highlighted by local material furnishings, copper lighting is every bit as inspiring as the cuisine. Stunning sea views from their both restaurants are as lively as ever, and so is the Mediterranean inspired cuisine which features ingredients from our extensive organic farm.



Meet your guides

Ebru Sznapkova

Ebru is the founder and managing director at PTA. Ebru is a brain coach and a purposeful leader to the business people who are ready to grow in their business and career. She mainly works with women who are ready to start their Inside-out growth and she works with managers who are ready to shift their managerial skills into leadership skills. As a leader of people in business, Ebru offers guidance and coaching to those who are ready to be more fulfilled, happier,successful, balanced, and motivated in their business whilst in their career path.

Francesca Fabricio

Francesca is partner at PTA, a certified coach and trained NLP practitioner.Over 20 years of international management experience in fast paced startup projects across Asia and Europe have given her the opportunity to build and train teams across different cultures and departments. Her mission now is to empower humans and contribute making companies spaces for growth and development. She is passionate about cultural diversity topics and believes companies can achieve excellence in performance by making cultural intelligence part of the company culture



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