What Coaching
Really Is?

You may have noticed that nowadays everyone started to talk about coaching. There are lots of professionals extending their interest on development and becoming professional certified coaches.

Stress or Happiness at Work?

Many professionals do not question their happiness level, until it is too late. It comes with a domino effect; starts to hit and collapse each pillar of the life. The reality is there is only one you; at work, at home, at school, at social life. If you are unhappy at any of those pillars, you will be unhappy everywhere.​

Why Professional Coaching?

An accredited training program and the certification distinguishes the professinally trained coaches in the market. A good coaching skills training will help the future coach to fully be trained on what professional coaching is, develop core coaching competencies, fully learn the code of ethics. ​

Leadership Decision Making

Leadership role requires leaders to make many decisions at daily basis. Some decisions are minor and will not impact others in the organization however some decisions will have huge impact on the organization and anyone under that leadership.


The Power of Coaching in Times of Crisis

We are all going through the challenging times. The other day I was told the world will need more therapists than coaches. I admit there is a need of an emotional and psychological support during tough times but still I do believe that people should be given with the tools and the techniques that leverage their mood, regulate their emotions, and find the necessary fuel and the motivation to keep going.

Emotional Management

Emotional management is a very complex topic. It is not easy to keep or suppress the emotions for very long time period.  Accumulated emotions may lead to give bigger reactions than the real situation requires. Therefore it is very important to understand self emotions and learn how to manage them well. On the other hand, emotions are very valuable since they tell a lot about ourselves and our needs.  

Why most of the Coaching Projects Fail at Organizations?

Coaching is a great leadership tool when used professionally. Today; many organizations start to notice the importance of coaching. They know that coaching culture is solid base for successful organizations.  Some organizations spend lots of money on training their leaders on coaching. Some organizations just ask managers to transform into great coaches from day to tomorrow.

Champion Thoughts

What makes a champion different than an average player? Are they luckier than others? Are they smarter, more skilled? Do they have super powers? Well, we all do have a super power that needs to be discovered if you have not yet, until today. However, they do feel, think and act differently to achieve outstanding performance in any field.

Why is It so Hard to Make Decisions?

Decision making is one of the most important step we take for progress in life. We practice decision making almost hundred times a week, sometimes conditions develop over a time and we are forced to make decisions. It may or not be a very conscious process, but important fact is all decisions impact our future.

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