International Leadership Week

Today we came to a cross road where the real transformation of the leading individuals were forced by the system since there is a now clear definitiion difference between a manager and the leader. 

Why Leadership Tools Program ?

There are the dilemmas of developing leadership skills vs being born as a leader. We would like to highlight both through the tools that can support the development of leadership skills and also growth of the individuals.  These tools are there to support the leadership and inspire organiztions, individuals for more leadership than management of KPIS, projects or people for results and delivery. 

How Does It Work?

Our purpose, as Prague Training Academy, is to led more individuals into leadership through these tools that support the leadership skills and help them to find their authentic style to feel confident and courageous in their leadership journey.  

This is a 3hr online session where participants will learn, discuss and practice as a group. 

Stages of Integration

The program, designed the way to integrate the information into practice.   

  1. Onboarding  
  2. Discovering Blind Spots
  3. Awareness 
  4. Learning 
  5. Practice
  6. Follow up 


Ebru Madanoglu Sznapkova 

Ebru Sznapkova is the founder of Prague Training Academy. She is a transformational coach, trainer and consultant. During her snr.leadership experience at most leading corporates; she established highly performing international teams, organization departments covering EMEA region, grew professionals into next level leadership roles. Since 2013 she is delivering trainings under academy.

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