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Confidence and Courage | 7-8 March 2024

We are delighted to announce that we will be bringing you, for the third year, Central Europe’s most unique and transformation leadership event. A special conference focusing on developing your Confidence and Courage.

3rd Annual Leadership Empowerment

Prague Training Academy proudly announces the only and the most transformational leadership conference that talks about courage and confidence in leadership in the Central Europe.

in partnership with

3rd Annual Women's Leadership Empowerment Conference

Panel Talks, Inspirational Speakers, Workshops, Mentoring and much more.

Get inspired by successful leaders

Join well-known and respected leaders from different fields and industries to hear their inspirational career stories.
The focus this year is confidence and courage in career development.

Lead with Confidence

Find your Authentic Leadership Voice.

Connect with your inner powers; awaken courage, and boost your confidence for true success.

Join the Mentoring Circle

We offer you a 3 month Confidence and Courage Mentoring Program within a great network of women working on their career development! Do not miss this opportunity to be part of it.

Meet the speakers

Hana Součková
Managing Director
at SAP Czech

Jitka Adámková
CHRO Executive Board Member
at T-Mobile CZ and SK Telekom

Hana Pullova
Head of Permanent
Placements and Specialization
at ManpowerGroup Czech

Martina Casanova
Vice President Corporate Affairs
at Skoda Group 

Dita Formánková 
Founder at Czechitas

Andrea Tkačuková
at Foreigners Group

Andrea Bohačikova
CEO and Founder
at M.arter

Aytek Karagözoğlu
Vice President, Sales
at Broadcom Software

Renata Dvorakova
General Manager
at Neit Consulting

Dr. Riza Kadilar
EMCC Global President

Blake Wittman
European Business Director
at Goodcall Group

Ladana Edwards
Evolutionary Leadership Facilitator and Founder
at FacePlace

David Škrobánek
Leader of the Good Daddy project

Umut Deniz
Global Head for Personal Banking at HSBC

Casey Phelps
SVP Client Services EMEA
at Graebel

Iva Šimůnková
Senior HR Manager CZ&SK 
at Oracle

Karolina Chuda
EAME Procurement Manager
at ExxonMobil

Lisa Blackett
Authentic Leadership Coach
at Prague Training Academy

Ebru Sznapkova
Founder and Leader
at Prague Training Academy 

3rd Annual Women's Leadership
Empowerment Conference Program 2024



7th March – Day 1 Hybrid 

VIP Admission Program 

12:00-12:30 VIP Admission Registration and Networking 

12:30-13:00  VIP Lunch only for VIP Admission ticket holders

13:00-13:40 VIP Sessions Leaders Talk Sessions only for VIP Admission ticket holders

Leaders Talk Sessions:

Session 1: Recruitment Challenges for Her by Blake Wittman, European Business Director at Goodcall Group  

Session 2: Growing Leaders by Casey Phelps, SVP Client Services EMEA at Graebel

 Session 3: Imposter Syndrome by Renata Dvorakova General Manager at Neit Consulting Group  

Session 4: Leading without Tittles by Andrea Tkacukova, CEO at Foreigners Group.  

Sesion 5: Leading Today – Discovery Session by Ladana Edwards, Evolutionary Leadership Facilitator and Founder at Face Place 

IMPORTANT : When Purchasing the VIP Ticket, make sure you book the Add-on selecting which Leader Talk you would like to participate in. 

General Admission Program 

13:00-14:00 Registration and Networking 

( We will close the General Admission registrations 

at 13:30)

Opening of Conference by our General Partner SAP Managing Director Czechia, Hana Souckova

2 Panel talks on Women Leadership and Parenting Impact on Career Development (success stories, personal and professional development, lessons

Five individual speaking sessions led by successful men and women business leaders



8th March – Day 2 Onsite

09:00 – 12:00
Workshop: Authentic Leadership (onsite)
Bringing Yourself and Your Strengths to Work

09:30 – 12:30
Workshop: Professional Mentoring (onsite)
Certification Program Launch

This is the launch of the first Accredited Mentoring Ceritification Program in the English language in Czech Republic.  Program is accredited by EMCC and will be delivered in partnership with R.K Academy and Prague Training Academy.  The registrations are through the program webpage only. 

13:30– 16:30
Workshop: Confidence and Courage InsideOut (onsite)


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2024 Catering Partners

2024 Hospitality Partner

The Julius, Prague is offering special accommodation conditions for all the WLEC 2024 attendees.
Please mail us for more information. 

Donť miss this outstanding event!
Join us.

Empowering Workshops

Courage and Confidence Workshop Inside-out

In this 3 hour workshop, we invite you to re-connect with your inner powers and remember who you are and what is your true potential.

Many women do not step up to their dreams, speak up for their projects, or move forward towards their goals, not because they are not skilled or capable but because they are afraid of failure.

Women say they do not act, react or move forward or even step back because they simply do not feel enough; they do not feel enough courage, competency confidence, skilled ability, clever and the list goes on…. It Is time to re-look at that self-image we have created over the years and apply a healthy check of true courage and confidence together.

Ebru is a very experienced brain coach and leader who will guide you through these vital processes. This is a very special individually experiential workshop where you will be introduced to the tools and techniques that will help you to re embrace the courage and the confidence required to succeed.

At the end of the 3 hours, you will have the clarity of your values, strengths, goals, and plans for the next steps.

What will you experience?
– Re-connection to your inner power
– Re-remembering your superpowers
– Learn how the brain works; why you think what you think and why you do what you do?
– Importance of State – How to change it?
– Importance of Values
– Strengths and Goals
– The Ultimate Success Formula

Trainer: Ebru Sznapkova


Ebru Sznapkova

Ebru Sznapkova is the founder and managing director at PTA.
Ebru is a brain coach and a purposeful leader to the businesspeople who are ready to grow in their business and career. She mainly works with women who are ready to start their Inside-out growth and she works with managers who are ready to shift their managerial skills into leadership skills.

As a leader of people in business, Ebru offers guidance and coaching to those who are ready to be more fulfilled, happier, successful, balanced, and motivated in their business whilst in their career path. Her past experience in the corporate world combined with human motivation, performance & the applied neuroscience that she studied have helped her to better understand and help her clients. Leadership vs. Management, Performance vs. Execution, Motivation vs. Apathy, Happiness vs. Acceptance are the key areas of her expertise.

Confidence, courage, energy, values, and strengths are keys to the “Inside-out Leadership“ program that she has built at the academy. As founder of PTA; Ebru Sznapkova offers you her 21 years of experience in the field of business blended with learning and development.

Authentic Leadership: Bringing Yourself and Your Strengths to Work

In this 3 hour workshop, we will explore the role of authenticity in your
professional and personal success. We will look at ways of recognising
and utilising your own strengths and purpose and how to avoid adopting those of others, to create your unique contribution and impact.

Regardless of where we are on our journey, it is natural to observe those we perceive to be successful, popular or effective. We may even attempt to model their behaviour, regardless of whether those behaviours are congruent with our own ways of being. If they are not, we up stressed, our confidence slips and neither we, nor our organisation benefit.

While there are wonderful ‘role models’ across all walks of life, as Oscar Wilde said “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”. 

At the end of the 3 hours, you will begin to accept your unique self and be better able to direct your career journey as you grow in the confidence of being the best you.

What will you learn?
How to tap into your inner wisdom to identify what is meaningful to you
How to recognise your strengths
How to make congruent decisions
How to learn from others while retaining yourself
How to find your voice when others are different
How to celebrate your differences

Trainer: Lisa Blackett


Lisa Blackett

Lisa’s purpose is to facilitate and support wellbeing for individuals,
organisations and wider society. She does this as a wellbeing and leadership coach and trainer, working with health, social care and private organisations.

Her 30 years’ experience in  International business across sectors from the electronics industry, to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries bring depth and breadth to her practice.

Lisa also aligns her purpose as a Non-Executive Director and Sustainability Champion for NHS National Services Scotland and Potential in Me, a Scottish social enterprise supporting young people.

What happened in our past events?
Have a look down below.

What happened in our past events? Have a look down below.

Women's Leadership 2023 Conference
by Prague Training Academy

Meet the 2023 speakers

Violeta Luca
General Manager
Czechia and Slovakia
at Microsoft

Adi Morun
Chief Operating Officer
Czech Republic & Slovakia
at Microsoft

Renata Dvorakova
Country Leader
at Oracle

Roman Cabalek
Country Manager
at Dell Technologies


Eliska Jirovska
Business Applications
Solution Manager
at Microsoft

Casey Phelps
SVP Client Services EMEA
at Graebel

Nina Bressler
Global Head of Societal Learning
at Novartis

Denisa Ptackova
Group Chief People &
Culture Officer
at Solek Holding SE

Katalin Ertsey
Science and Innovation Diplomat
at Embassy of Hungary

Blake Wittman
European Business Director
at Goodcall Group

Barbora Buhnova
Associate Professor and
at Masaryk University

Co-Founding and Governing Board member of Czechitas

Mike Webb
at Broadcom Mainframe Software Division

Julia Barankova
ExxonMobil Chemical
EMEAF Supply Chain Operations Manager
ExxonMobil Global Business Center Czech Republic

Svetlana Kuznetcova
Entrepreneur | Estate Ward – Property Management Services
Founder | European Women’s Community

Andrea Tkacukova
at Foreigners Group

Lisa Blackett
Leadership Well-being Coach
at Prague Training Academy

Ebru Sznapkova
Founder and Leader
at Prague Training Academy 

2023 Conference Partnered with

2023 Catering Partners

2023 Product Partners

2023 Community Partner

Check out Women's Leadership 2022
Conference by Prague Training Academy

2022 Conference Partnered with

2022 Conference Supported by

Courage and Confidence Mentoring Program

The Courage and Confidence Mentoring Program is a unique opportunity offered by Prague Training Academy. It is a three-month group mentoring program designed to help participants to continue the impact of the Women Leadership Empowerment Conference and establish long-lasting personal results. We believe that growth and development of individuals can be boosted by being exposed to existing knowledge, skills, and experience of a senior and high performing professional. The main goal of the Courage and Confidence Mentoring Program is to empower women, have them gain courage and confidence and to support them in their life and career path or restarting their careers.

Join us in the journey of this program that
is designed to Empower Women Leadership

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