Personal Brand: I am a leader, a mother, and a woman. I empower people to be at their best, to achieve more and unleash their potential. I do this by sharing my personal story, mentoring, and coaching.

Current Role: Manager Inside Sales MENA, SE and France at JAMF

North Star:
For me coaching is a way of leaving, what I mean by this is that I always use it, I like to observe people, to help people when they ask for it, to support people when they feel down or lost, to make a joke so that they will change their neurology and to shine a light in their life.

I have such big satisfaction when I see the change in people; they just need few hours to change something forever, something that will help them achieve their life goals. Making people think different, focusing on the solution and not on the problem is such a great achievement, something really fulfilling for me. It is amazing how by asking questions and being present you can change people life. I am discovering that fear is a major obstacle for people, any kind of fear, and fear of change, fear of failure, fear of responsibility, fear of unknown also the meta programs, procrastination, and the comfort zone.

Personal Values: Integrity/honesty, Family, Helping Others.

What makes me different?
That I moved from a small city in Romania to Bucharest for studying and started to work and build a local career and then an international one in Prague and Amsterdam. All of this because I have followed my ambition by overcoming own condition and fears.

I am very passionate about work and a finisher, love action and have strategic thinking.

What make me happy is when I am empowering the customers and partners to drive innovation and digital transformation by adopting the right technology.

Building the trust relationship at the customer, setup the scene, identify possible risks, long term view and strategic thinking, add value to the customer business.

I have been running several businesses from Enterprise to SMB and Whitespace Accounts for Field and Digital Business on the East and West European Markets covering countries such as: Romania, Czech Republic, Austria, Greece, Ukraine, Germany, and Benelux.

Relevant achievements:

  1. Driving the business transformation at the customers by adopting new cloud technology and create a cloud strategy/roadmap at the customers.
  2. Setup the German business model in the new Digital Hub in Amsterdam, hiring and onboarding more than 20 people less than 4 months, setup the organization model, mentored, coached, and developed young talents for career success.
  3. Building the business from scratch for the Whitespace territory for the Benelux Market looking into technological industry trends, startup business, setup the partner channel for a better coverage, implementing the demand generation engine and build the right KPI’s to keep the business on track.

Customer’s growth, Business Growth, Coaching, Mentoring, Account Planning, Territory Planning, Orchestration, Deal Complexity, Deal closing, Forecasting, Performance Management and Reviews, Career Development, Coverage, Scaling through partners, Competitive Analysis, Customer Sponsorship, Networking, building business from scratch, Identify industry trends and triggers for technology.