Who Is This Course For?

Professional coaching is carried out by qualified professionals who work with individuals to improve their performance, productivity, help them achieve their full potential and ultimate goals.

This course is for individuals who wish to work as professional coaches supporting their client`s development, growth and transformation.

Whether you wish to embark on a career as a professional life coach or you wish to develop your coaching skills in order to be able to use them in a business environment, this course will provide you the necessary knowledge and tools to use the professional coaching skills to empower, encourage and support others.

What This Course Will Cover?

  • Ethical guidelines and professional standards
  • The coach competency framework ( The A.L.I.G.N.E.D. C.O.A.C.H. Model)
  • The Coaching Global Code of Ethics and Good Practice
  • Setting up coach – client contract
  • Establishing Rapport with the client
  • Planning and goal setting
  • Listening skills
  • Powerful questioning
  • Working with limiting beliefs
  • Communication
  • Developing awareness
  • Designing actions
  • Managing progress and accountability
  • The foundations of NLP
  • The history of NLP
  • The core skills of NLP
  • More advanced NLP Processes
  • Blending NLP with traditional coaching
  • Tools for working with mindset, beliefs, values, tasking, assessment
  • The Business of Coaching; How to structure and market your business
  • How to create a coaching business plan
  • How to incorporate systems and processes for administration, lead generation, customer engagement and marketing
  • How to turn your knowledge into valuable branded intellectual property
  • How to use technology and automation to generate leads
  • How to create passive income streams

The ‘4-S.T.E.P.’ Premier Coach Program


  • The NLP A.L.I.G.N.E.D. C.O.A.C.H. Model covers all the essential coaching competencies a great coach needs.
  • The tools and techniques of NLP enrich standard coach training and help a coach develop a deeper understanding of their coaching clients, as well as adding some extra tools for the coaches toolkit.
  • Participants will receive an NLP Diploma certification in addition to their ACCT coach certificate.


  • The M.M.S.A. (Motivation, Mindset, Strategy & Action) Model incorporates some of the essential and most powerful coaching tools available. We also introduce an aspect of the SCRUM methodology for helping coaches and clients monitor progress more effectively.


To become a successful coach, you must learn how to run, structure and market your business. Most coaching courses stop short of giving students this essential set of skills.

  • To grow something, you need a plan. To grow a business, you need a business plan. The vast majority of coaches have not made one of these. We will show you why this can help you develop your business.
  • We will also show you how to harness the power of technology to automate lead generation and passive income streams into your coaching business. We will show you how to make your coaching business scalable.


  • Anything you sell or give away as a coach is a product, this includes your 1:1 coaching, discovery calls, packages and so on. To stand out from the crowd you must create your own Unique Branded Intellectual Property (U-BIP). This makes your offering unique and adds value to your business model.  We will guide you through this process. 

Course Dates for 6 Months Schedule

Each course day starts at 10am CET. This is the schedule for ACCT and for NLP Practitioner Certification Program.  You can study only 4 months to obtain NLP Diploma (ANLP) and continue to study NLP Practitioner with the next cohort.

September /October 2023
Module 1: Saturday 30th: Core Skills
Module 2: Sunday 1st: Core Skills 2

October 2023
Module 3: Saturday 7th: Goal Setting
Module 4: Sunday 8th: Language

November 2023
Module 5: Saturday 11th: Values & Beliefs
Module 6: Sunday 12th: NLP & Coaching in Businesses

December 2023
Module 7: Saturday 2nd: NLP Integration Day
Module 8: Sunday 3rd: Running a Coaching/NLP Business

January 2024
Module 9: Saturday 11th: Strategies
Module 10: Sunday 12th: Advanced Sub-modalities

February 2024
Module 11: Saturday 10th: Advanced NLP Techniques
Module 12: Sunday 11th: Timeline Interventions

The timings for the days are:

BREAK (20-mins)
LUNCH (1 hour)
BREAK (20-mins)

Comprehensive ‘Live-Online’ Training

This accredited coach training program, The Professional Coaching Skill Training course, covers the 4-key areas necessary to become a successful professional coach in the modern era. The 4 months course includes an accredited coaching certification and NLP Diploma certification. If you study 2 additonal months then you can apply for the NLP Practitioner Certification. 

The program will help you to:

  • Develop outstanding coaching skills
  • Add the most effective coaching tools to your coaching toolkit
  • Add essential business systems, processes and automations, including lead generation and passive income workflows, and …
  • Develop your own unique branded solutions/products.


The course work on continues assessment, observations, set exercises and coaching practice. The NLP certification additionally requires the submission of an open-book paper and observed NLP Processes. To successfully complete the course you will also need to complete the following course work;

  • 25 hours of logged coaching practice; we will give you a professional coaching log and help you find people to build your coaching hours.
  • A reflective journal for each coaching session you have; we will give you a template.
  • A reflective journal for each day of the course; We will give you interactive study guides for this.
  • A reflective essay of a minimum 1.500 words titled: My Approach to Coaching. This is to be completed after you have completed all modules.

On This Course, You Will Learn

  • International coaching standards, practices, and ethics
  • Coach specific tools and skills, including many complimentary NLP techniques
  • How to establish the coach-client contract
  • The coach-client ‘fit’
  • Setting achievable goals and outcomes
  • Coaching tips and traps
  • How to create measurable action plans
  • Performance coaching
  • The stages of the coaching relationship
  • How to deliver effective feedback
  • How to conclude the coach-client relationship


  • Once you have satisfactorily completed the `Live- Online` training and submitted your completed coursework satisfactorily,  you will be awarded two certifications.
  • Accredited Certificate in Coach Training (AC)
  • Accredited NLP Diploma (ANLP)
  • OR continue 2 more month study and get Accredited NLP Practitioner Certificate (ANLP)
This course supports The Association for Coaching’s (AC) Code of Ethics and Good Practice and the Competency Framework as a way of promoting standards and ethics within the coaching industry.
This course is accredited by the Association for Coaching (AC) as an Accredited Certificate in Coach Training (ACCT).
The Association for Coaching states the following for courses they recognize: “People signing up to a coach training programme recognized by the AC can be reassured that the programme will have met a set of quality criteria that ensures they are providing quality coach training. 
At the same time the course recognition mark represents a trust mark for buyers of coach training as they know that the AC has validated the coach programme offered.”
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