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Celebrate Women's day in a powerful way!

What do we offer ?
Panel talk, inspirational speakers, workshops, mentoring and much more.....

You are INVITED to

Get Inspired
by Successful Women Leaders

Join to well-known and respected women leaders. They are coming to empower women leadership. Listen inspirational success stories and keynotes. We will talk about confidence and courage. 


Lead with Confidence
Design Your Brand

Connect with your inner powers; awaken the courage, boost the confidence. Re look at your personal brand and design your success. Join the workshops and start your own transformation journey!

Join the Confidence Mentoring Circle

We offer you to join this fantastic mentoring program that will take you a 3 months journey with your courage circle. 


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8th March


Panel talk on Courage and Confidence with women leaders (success stories, personal and professional development, lessons learned)


Four individual speaking sessions led by successful businesswomen (more information on speakers to be provided)


Online Networking Confidence Circle

9th March

15:00 – 18:00

Workshop: Confidence and Courage – Inside Out (online)

10th March

15:00 – 18:00

 Workshop: Personal Branding (online) The ultimate way to Success

Meet the speakers

Iveta Clarke
Professional Coach and Certified Facilitator

Renata Mrázová
Chief People Officer at Home Credit Internationall

Adriana Krnáčová
Former Mayor of Prague

Ladana Edwards
Partner in Deloitte

Tanya Altmann 
Senior Vice President Bus Mobility at Škoda Transportation 

Dita Formankova

Founder & Chairwoman of the Board, Czechitas and Director Diversity & Inclusion and Communities, Avast Software

Renata Dvorakova
Country Leader at Oracle

Penelope Klepalova
Senior Director, Global Integrated Marketing and Brand at Avast


Unique opportunity to
inspire your confidence, courage, develope new skills, be part of an international growth focused community!

Empowering Workshops

Courage and Confidence Inside-out

In this 3 hour workshop, we invite you to re-connect within to your inner powers and remember who you are and what is your true potential. Many women do not step up to their dreams, speak up for their projects, or move forward towards their goals, not because they are not skilled or capable but because they are afraid of failure. Women say they do not act, react or move forward or even step back because they simply do not feel enough; they do not feel enough courage, competency confidence, skilled ability, clever and the list goes on….

It Is time to re-look at that self-image we have created over the years and apply a healthy check of true courage and confidence together. Ebru is a very experienced brain coach and leader who will guide you through these vital processes. This is a very special individually experiential workshop where you will be introduced to the tools and techniques that will help you to re embrace the courage and the confidence required to succeed.

At the end of the 3 hours, you will have the clarity of your values, strengths, goals, and plans for the next steps.

What will you experience?

– Re-connection to your inner power
– Re-remembering your superpowers
– Learn how the brain works; why you think
what you think and why you do what you do?
– Importance of State – How to change it?
– Importance of Values
– Strengths and Goals
– The Ultimate Success Formula

Trainer: Ebru Sznapková

Personal Branding: The Ultimate Way to Success

In this 3 hour workshop, you will learn how to create and manage your personal brand in your career path. This is a continuation of the courage and confidence workshop, where you will design your personal branding. Success does not happen by chance, but it is created by a solid plan and regular actions that feed the plan behind what is visible. Hard work and consistency are keys of course but a well-structured plan is a basis for solid personal brand creation and continuation. It is sure that professionals with a clear personal brand have a higher and more sustainable career success.

What will you learn?

– 4 pillars
– The value of authenticity
– Designing your Future
– Image, Mission and Vision
– Outside In Evaluation
– Planning Success
– Presenting Brand

Trainer: Francesca Fabricio

Join the Courage and Confidence Mentoring Program

The Courage and Confidence Mentoring Program is a unique opportunity offered by Prague Training Academy. It is a three-month group mentoring program designed to help participants to continue the impact of the Women Leadership Empowerment Conference and establish long-lasting personal results.

We believe that growth and development of individuals can be boosted by being exposed to existing knowledge, skills, and experience of a senior and high performing professional.

The main goal of the Courage and Confidence Mentoring Program is to empower women, have them gain courage and confidence and to support them in their life and career path or restarting their careers.


Join us in the journey of this unique program that is designed to Empower Women Leadership

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