Confidence and Courage Circle
mentoring program

The Courage and Confidence Mentoring Circle is a unique opportunity offered by Prague Training Academy.

It is a three-months group mentoring program designed to help participants to continue the impact of the Women Leadership Empowerment Conference and establish long-lasting personal results.

The main goal of the Courage and Confidence Mentoring Circle is to empower women, have them gain courage and confidence, and support them in their life and career path or restart their careers

3 months

12 hours group mentoring


What is a mentoring circle?

Mentoring Circles are a place where women  can be unapologetically ambitious. Where participants can give voice to their aspirations and find the encouragement to start pursuing them. They’re a place for sharing ideas, gaining skills, seeking advice, and showing solidarity. Most of all, they are a space  where women can help each other becoming their very best selves

How does it work?

All participants to the Women Leadership Empowerment Conference “Confidence and Courage”  can  register to the program.

Based on the areas of interest and industry/function participants will be
divided into groups of a maximum of 12 people and each paired with a
Mentor from a selected pool of experienced women.


The mentors

Our mentors are inspiring women who have the ambition and professionalism, as well as time to devote to  empowering other women.  They are women who have not been afraid to take bold decisions, step up to their dreams, speak up for their projects, and move forward towards their goals.

 Discover some of our great mentors!

Francesca Fabricio

Professional Coach and Trainer, at PTA

Ebru Sznapkova

Transformational Coach and Trainer, MD and founder  at PTA


Katalin Ertsey

Science and Innovation Diplomat and Leadership Coach

Natalia Homolova

Associate Director at MSD, founder and owner of Socieurs

Lidia Barbutu

Leadership Coach and Manager Inside Sales MENA, SE and France at JAMF

Adina Serban

Talent Acquisition Partner at IBM

Satu Nuoramo

Senior Sales Enablement Manager EMEA at Zoom

Anna Aarnio

Solution Oriented Coach, Trainer and Mentor

Jana Franzoni

Coach and NLP Practitioner

Erin Gallegos

Head of Strategic Partnerships Avast Foundation

Katarina Kakalikova

Director Government Engagement at Mastercard

Kateryna Muzyka

Business Operations Manager at Western Digital and Coach

Azahara Fernandez Martin

TA Leader: EMEA  at Honeywell,  founder of KuKinKa and Coach

Alexandru Oprea

Customer Service Training Manager EMEA
at Johnson & Johnson

Hale Doganci

Global Talent Aquisition Capability Manager CoE at Accenture and Career Coach

Roxana Dutka

GenO Project Manager
at Oracle

Train your courage and build your confidence!

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