Now is the time to focus on your growth. Whether that means discovering your inner leadership voice and authentic self, achieving a career goal, accelerating your business, or creating high performance in life; Prague Training Academy will help you on your growth journey via an expert in field mentors, success mastery coaching methods or experiential science-based training through the live online sessions.

At PTA; growth starts within. This is an inside-out process. The inner growth of a leader / with-without a title; reflects on his team.
Growth works in waves inside-out.
You can only grow your team, organisation, and business if you start the process internally.


20 years of experience in developing, growing, transforming people and businesses. Ebru works with people and the organizations enabling and holding the transformational space that leads to success.

She is passionate about Inside Out Mastery Process a special designed program that leads the individuals personal success mastery that will enable you to master your success in every aspect of your life.

Since 2014 offering transformational corporate trainings and open academy certification programs in the heart of beautiful Prague covering Central Europe both in person and online trainings.

Trained over 500 professionals for success, growth and career acceleration creating happy and fulfilled success stories.

Whether you want to skyrocket your career or move your leadership skills to the next level she will make sure you will be provided the best fit solution via one- on- one coaching, virtual live trainings or a tailored program for you or for your organization.


The people participating in the coaching seminar designed for IKEA were extremely happy and I only have very positive feedback. I would really say that they benefit not only as individual but also as a team working together and supporting each other for extraordinary personal development achievements!

Alessandro Lagazio,
HR Director – IKEA

We are very grateful that we stumbled upon Prague Training Academy and it’s amazing team. Because of their efforts and professionalism, we were able to create a tailored made training for our department. The training itself was very inspirational, both trainers showed in-depth knowledge in the subject matter and they successfully achieved a perfect blend of theory and practice. The feedback that we received from all the participants was positive and we feel that the overall goal of the training was successfully meet. Thank you for all your efforts and looking forward in future cooperation.

Alexandru Oprea,
Training Coordinator – Oracle

I was searching for tailored advance communications’ training in native English, to address the needs of my team. I interviewed a few well-known training companies. After a month, it became clear that only Prague Training Academy has met our needs and answered all the requirements for the content, delivery and trainer. Prague Training Academy team were very attentive, professional and sufficient in all the process. Through series of consultations, they adjusted the content of the training to meet those specific needs. The training itself was well organized and extremely well received by the team. The trainer was very experienced in NLP based techniques for advance communication. He addressed all the team’s questions and kept their attention for the full eight hours. Each team member left with at least three techniques that they would implement in their work. PTA followed up with exercises to help the team make the most out of the presented content.

Miroslava Mihaleva,
Operations Team Manager – Cisco

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