In this 3 hour workshop, we invite you to reconnect within your inner powers and remember who you are and what is your true potential. Many women do not step up to their dreams, speak up for their projects, or move forward towards their goals, not because they are not skilled or capable but because they are afraid of failure. Women say they do not act, react or move forward or even step back because they simply do not feel enough; they do not feel enough courage, competency, confidence, skilled ability, cleverness and the list goes on….

It Is time to re-look at that self-image we have created over the years and apply a healthy check of true courage and confidence together. Ebru is a very experienced brain coach and leader who will guide you through these vital processes. This is a very special individually experiential workshop where you will be introduced to the tools and techniques that will help you to re embrace the courage and the confidence required to succeed.

At the end of the 3 hours, you will have the clarity of your values, strengths, goals, and plans for the next steps.

What Will You Experience?

  • Re-connection to your inner power
  • Re-remembering your superpowers
  • Learn how the brain works; why you think what do you think and why do you do what you do
  • Importance of State and How to change it?
  • Importance of Values
  • Strengths and Goals
  • The Ultimate Success Formula

Who Is This Workshop For?

Women who want to cleanse their emotional garbage, offload their limiting beliefs and are ready to reconnect within. Who wants to become more self-aware and self-confident and take their career and leadership to the next level.


Ebru Sznapkova

Course Instructor and Trainer

Ebru Sznapkova is the founder of Prague Training Academy. She is a transformational coach, trainer and consultant. During her snr.leadership experience at most leading corporates; she established highly performing international teams, organization departments covering EMEA region, grew professionals into next level leadership roles. Since 2013 she is delivering trainings under academy.

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Course - Courage and Confidence Inside-out
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