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Learn how your brain works and impacts your life in main 3 pillars of your life.

To master success at any level of your life, you need to learn the way your brain impacts your life starting with your physical energy, emotions and mindset.

This is a very successful program already helped 100+ people.

It is impossible to keep at your best unless you work on mental, physical and emotional state on daily basis. We all get confused in the mid of busy business schedules, daily responsibilities and the expectations of outer world time to time. Getting a support to level up your mood, boost the energy, notice your thinking pattern, your emotional habits can give you a shift in this 3 fundamental areas. This is a very unique program that will help you to recognize how and why you operate at your current state and how you can shift and boost your energy level at 3 main pillars of your life.

Boost your Energy – Feel Better – Shift your Mindset

It works at 3 main levels which fuels your daily life.


During this 21 days you will notice the importance of physical energy and how energy fuels your day. We will introduce the ways to boost up the physical energy and mental energy to increase overall your productivity and achievements.


You will discover your emotions and how emotions have an impact on your choices, actions and behaviors. The more you will realize your emotional patterns, the more you will increase your awareness. You will practice the muscle of emotional management.


During the agreed coaching time frame; we use different coaching tools and techniques. Accountability and the commitment is the key to your success. Success coach focuses on the belief system, behavior, values, emotions, actions, motivators and the measurable results. This is a Neuroscience based coaching program.

You Have Super Powers Within!

UPLIFT YOUR ENERGY: Energy means life If you would like to achieve your goals, you need physical energy to start with. A healthy life starts with a healthy body. How well do you know your body?
In this program you will learn how to boost your energy from the morning until evening and how to sustain your energy level throughout the day for the important matters.

DISCOVER YOUR EMOTIONAL HOUSE: At the end of the day if you are not in a happy and peaceful state, it is very hard to measure the success. You will discover your emotional house and create the state
you would like to be in by noticing and understanding your emotions. You will learn how brain works and creates the emotional state.

GROWTH MINDSET: The secret of a success comes from mindset. Mind is the active form of your brain. Difficult to control the brain, difficult to control the output. If you can control your mindset, you can control your life.

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In this very unique program, you will also identify your self image and the image you create at work, private life and social connections.

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This program has changed my life literally. It impacted not only my own life but I got so important information that impacts the way I communicate with my closest circle.
You said us you change and your world will be changed; it was true. My world has changed and the way I see the things, my reactions, my body, my energy, my emotions have changed. I developed great daily habits and this training is the best gift I have ever given to myself. Thank you EBRU!

S. C.

Mastermind for Success came to my life at the right time. I learnt how to manage my thoughts and how my thoughts impacts my emotions.
This training is like a throwing a big ice bucket to my brain. I got awaken. My success at work has increased significantly, I do not procrastinate anymore. For the first time I have the best thing for myself. I strongly suggest everyone this training.

G. O.

This training is amazing! Mastermind group training helped me to increase my life energy, I started to take important actions and became more disciplined towards my goals. I can easily control my thoughts and my emotions. This training literally shifted my life. I feel great. Thank you Ebru.

M. P.

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