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In the heart of beautiful Prague; we grow leaders who change, develop, grow, and transform organizations. 

20 years of corporate business experience shaped with learning and development passion, science based education and transformation. 

Transform your leadership skills.

Discover your authentic leadership style​

Over the past 20 years we have seen many managers, each from different levels, in different organizations. We witnessed many reviews, meetings, coaching sessions, personal development plans, personal improvement plans, strategy meetings, feedback sessions, hiring, firing processes, projects, yearly plans, quarterly reviews, new managers, senior managers, business executions.

And we made it sure of one thing; a good manager makes the organization good and bad manager makes the organization bad.

We have seen people leaving the organizations because of their managers and people growing, performing, shinning due to their managers too.

Are you just starting your journey ?

  • Discover the world of a LEADER
  • Start your journey with an experienced leadership mentoring
  • Identify your authentic leadership style and voice
  • Learn human behavior, motivators through the science based program
  • Develop leadership confidence
  • Develop leadership decison making in tough situations

Are you an experienced manager and ready to grow your leadership skills?

  • Managing and leading are totally different styles that bring totally different results.
  • We are ready to work with managers who are ready to grow into the next level in their senior leadership role and ready to discover neuroscience applied leadership program.
  • We teach the success formula of creating raving fans, winning teams and creating success cultures in the organizations.

Would you like to register for the course?

Inspire, Motivate, Empower...​

``Be the change you wish to see in the world``

Who is eligible for Leadership Academy program? ​

We have an open academy approach for anyone who is committed to develop his leadership skills. 

You can either enroll for the Authentic Leadership program for 6 months or attend the different modules based on your needs and requirements. 

We help leaders to understand and connect within first then with his organization that he is managing. We respect each individual which is core competency of an inspirational leader. We offer neuroscience based, experiential learning experience. 

We also offer leadership coaching program. We offer 3-6 months coaching program. 

This is a transformational experience whether we start transactional or results coaching. 

Everything about leadership!

We organize Leadership Academy program for our corporate clients under different length and the modules depending on their organizational needs and requirements. 

We do not provide catalogue trainings; we tailor each program. You can organize the series trainings for your leadership team. The magic is your commitment to find your inspirational voice within. Before each program, we run 1:1 meeting to identify your needs and decide if our program is suitable for you. No matter what level of management experience you have; you can train with PTA Leadership Academy. 

Whether you are planning to be a manager in the future or you are recently promoted to a managerial role in your organization or you are an experienced manager who is ready to move into inspirational leadership and find the authentic voice within; you will find a lot for you in Leadership Academy programs.

What should you expect in leadership academy?

We help you to find out your authentic leader and support you to grow, develop these leadership competencies on your individual journey.

Whether you manage a technical team, back office team, project team, sales team; it is all about people management and inspiring as a leader. It is all about people. 

We all manage people, we all have KPIs to deliver, we all have organizational relationships to manage, we all start with a recruitment process to performance management to create winning, highly performing teams, organizations. 

We are very experienced in people management, development and delivering success at organizational level. 

Discover your authentic voice

Connect within, discover your inner leader

Define your vision and mission


I had the privilege to participate Ebru’s management coaching sessions during my time at CA. Ebru is very skillful coach and she is very insightful about psychology and group dynamics. I feel that after her coaching I am more ready for management positions. I can strongly recommend her coaching sessions to anyone who wants improve their leadership and sales skills.

Juho Varto,
Digital Sales Lead

Attending Authentic and Inspirational Leadership Mentoring Program designed by Ebru Madanoglu exceeded my expectations and I can recommend her to anyone who seeks a better understanding of themselves, their role and who desires to grow and better themselves professionally and personally, too. I come from a nonprofit world where I am mostly supporting volunteers as they create something meaningful. Before I started this program I have struggled with managing vs. coaching, micro-managing, motivating and also with my self-confidence. Through our meetings, I have discovered my strengths and my own inner motivation and with Ebru’s help, I have defined who I am and how I work the best. We have had a lot of practical exercises and role modeling so I could practice how to resolve problems being personal yet not overwhelmed. Thanks to Ebru and the program, I’ve got more responsibilities and trust from my supervisors and I keep working on myself knowing there is still a lot of space to grow.

Eva Wichsová,
Regional Manager: Global Communities

I had the pleasure of working with Ebru during our one-on-one coaching/mentoring sessions. My initial interest to start with sessions was to improve my communications and presentation skills, especially for delivering correct messages during presentations or 2-minute-project reporting to C – levels. Ebru helped me to analyse how to identify the key points for managers or investors to be able have an efficient bi-directional communication. Due to her mentoring skills and her previous experience at managerial levels, she is very well equipped to enrich the main topic with supporting areas. For example, during the second session, initial “effective communication” topic was extended to the improvement of strategic thinking skills. Thanks to working with her, I have already observed tangible results at work.

Irem Oc Carnicas Isidro,
Innovation Strategist, Skoda Auto

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