We invite you to take a break from work/family daily routine and join us for a  two day re-energizing and empowering experience.

After a long winter, pandemic restrictions and social isolation,  we encourage you to  take time off to dedicate to yourself and fully immerse into your own space.

This is a very unique weekend program designed for ladies who would like to cleanse emotional garbage and offload the limiting beliefs, accumulated negativity of the past 2 years, tiredness and ready to connect within.

This is a great opportunity to meet like-minded women, share, connect, get inspired, get uplifted.

Re-ignite your passion

Re-set your compass

Awaken your energy

Join us to work on your well being, courage and confidence !

Take "me time" to feel more relaxed, more self aware, self confident, energized, motivated and grounded.

The Program

May 21st

Day 1 is designed to encourage you to take deep breaths between your busy schedule. You will be taken through an inner journey. The set of the exercises will allow you to offload your emotional baggage and also tap into your strengths.

You will experience a very unique breathing technique that works at three different levels of transformation. There are many benefits through the practice of Transformational Breath. These benefits include improved physical health, cleared emotional wounds and enhanced mental capabilities.

You will learn how to manage and maintain your state and energy. Every exercise is designed to improve and develop courage and confidence from the inside out.

Day Schedule:

10:00-12:00 Session Part One

12:00-12:30  Lunch Break 

12:30 -14:00 Session Part Two

May 22nd

Day 2 is designed the way to allow you to look at yourself from outside in. You will work on your personal brand health check. By redefining your own story to understand where you are now, defining the direction and changes you want to take and how.

You will work on your values, power of authenticity, defining mission and  building your vision board.

We will finish by grounding ourselves with a deep heart  and mind coherence meditation.

Day Schedule:

10:00-12:00 Session Part One

12:00- 12:30 Lunch Break 

12:30 -13:15 Vision Board

13:15 – 14:00 Meditation

Would you like to discover how your Breath Pattern affects your entire Life?
Discover how your breathing pattern impacts your choices in your life, your emotions, your decisions
"The Way We Breathe, The Way We Live"

What they say about this unique experience

“Over the past few years, I have found it challenging to find my flow in my work and personal life. Expectations of me as a leader and a mother were sometimes more than I could handle and still take care of myself. I have been practicing meditation for many years, but working with Ebru on breath work was really transformational. Taking the time to breathe deeply, into our body, connecting with oneself is a rare experience. Through our work together, I have experienced new discoveries, uncovered ideas/beliefs that didn’t serve me. With this new awareness, I was able to consciously decide how I wanted to live my life. It is empowering. I highly recommend this experience for everyone, but especially working mothers.”



“With transformational breathwork my life has changed. I discovered myself again, remembered my self worth and how much I gave priority in life to others. Thank you so much for this experience.”


“I thought I was breathing before these session. OMG. How powerful human breath is. I am now free of my emotional garbage. I also lost weight since I discovered my emotional eating habit. I am very confident and now I very aligned in my body, mind and breath. It gave me myself back. Thank you Ebru. It is really a transformational experience.”



Re connect with your Breathing
Experience Unique Transformational Breathwork session
Offload your Emotional Baggage
Cleanse your Body
Calm your Mind
Connect with your Inner Power
Re energize
Re charge
Tap into your Confidence
Discover your Values
Redesign your Personal Brand
Connect with like-minded women
Empower Yourself

Meet your hosts

Ebru Sznapkova

Ebru is the founder and managing director at PTA. She is a brain coach and a purposeful leader to the business people who are ready to grow in their business and career. She mainly works with women who are ready to start their Inside-out growth and she works with managers who are ready to shift their managerial skills into leadership skills. As a leader of people in business, Ebru offers guidance and coaching to those who are ready to be more fulfilled, happier,successful, balanced, and motivated in their business whilst in their career path. 

 Ebru is also a  certified transformational breathwork facilitator and mindset coach.

Francesca Fabricio

Francesca is partner at PTA  She is a certified coach and trained NLP practitioner whose mission now is to help professionals to thrive across cultural changes and diversity.  20 years of international management experience in startup projects across Asia and Europe have given her the opportunity to build and train teams across different cultures and departments. She lived and work in countries with severe gender, cultural and religious diversity discrimination.  

She is passionate about change and offers support and guidance to those who are navigating through significant life changes

The Location

Namastery , Fine Experience Club, Praha

Namastery is a boutique mind-body studio located in a beautiful oasis of calm of the original 17th century monastery. In the form of a comprehensive concept of lessons, courses and other wellness services, it offers a holistic health care solution for a demanding lifestyle in the city.



3,400 Czk

individual ticket for 2 day uplifting experience

refreshment and light lunch


2,800 Czk

bring a friend and get a discount on each ticket

refreshments and light lunch


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