How to Embrace the Change in Business and Upcoming Predictions for 2022?

by Ebru Sznapkova

How to Embrace the Change in Business and Upcoming Predictions for 2022?

by Ebru Sznapkova

“ The Secret of Change is to Focus All of Your Energy not on Fighting the Old, but on Building the NEW! “ SOCRATES 

Since January 2020 the world has shaken with Covid-19. The disruption it has brought to the world`s new economy started a new era that we call “New Normal` and still not finished its development stage due to new mutation of the virus Delta. The change has spread through the strong waves and emerges from Covid-19 is significant in every single area of our lives from health management, wellbeing to relationship management to performance management and overall economy. The way we live, work, engage, interact, develop, grow has been changed and will keep in transition for the upcoming 2-3 years as predicted.

The biggest disruption of Covid-19 is home office culture and new management challenge that it has brought into organizational discussions.

There are millions of work force who do not need to be physically at the office to perform their role. This brought in big unspoken challenges within the organizations esp. first line managers were challenged with remote management. This was followed by maintaining the individual motivation to team motivation; performance management to protecting team culture.

We all miss human contact, interaction, even these long meetings at all the time occupied big meeting rooms, short coffee breaks with colleagues, big company events, seminars, trainings, business meetings. With hybrid model of work we can adapt the old traditions into “New Normal“ however we still need to adapt the change mindset and start looking at the ways where the change is needed to improve the way we manage, work, interact and develop.

Currently even it seems like we are at the final stage of the Kubler Ross Change Curve; new changes are on the way since this is a transition period at least will keep within next 2-3 years.

Why adapting change mindset is required within the organizations?

The way we do business has changed and with innovations on the day will keep even transforming. Adapting a change mindset will help every workforce of the organization to start searching for the innovative ways of doing business. Adapting change mindset will help everyone to get ready to have a smooth transition into new. Adapting change mindset kicks of the growth, development within individuals and the organizations.

Upcoming changes and the impacts of the changes will be strong for the economy.

Wellbeing: This is the new rule for the success. Wellbeing of employees should be now at the highest priority for the organizations. Organizations will regularly check the wellbeing of the workforce and implement new ways to improve and protect wellbeing at overall. Employees will be monitored to prevent physical and mental health and burnout.

Development: Employee enablement and development will be also top ranked in the company priorities. Since the way business run is changed, the skills required to run the business has changed too. Both technical and interpersonal skills development and employees performing at their best is vital for success.

Leadership Skills: Today leadership skills are vital at any level. Leading without title becomes a key to success topic esp. individual contribution from home offices will be more significantly visible. Managers will need to transform their management skills into leadership skills for success and performance.

Growth Management: Within current economies, it is priority to grow. With adapted change mindset growth strategies need to be searched and implemented innovatively.  A well planned and implemented growth management will help companies to not only survive the challenging conditions but grow.

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