Emotional Management

by Ebru Sznapkova

Emotional management is a very complex topic. It is not easy to keep or suppress the emotions for very long time period. Accumulated emotions may lead to give bigger reactions than the real situation requires. Therefore it is very important to understand self emotions and learn how to manage them well.

On the other hand, emotions are very valuable since they tell a lot about ourselves and our needs. Emotions enables us to connect with others, helps us to understand the situations better and good empathy enables us to look from different dimensions. Not well managed emotions, could sabotage our relations, job and even our health.

In business we face many different situations through out the day that puts us in an uncomfortable or even unpleasant situations. Unhappy customers, stressed managers, cancelled projects, unhealthy working conditions etc.. all might cause anxiety, sadness or anger based emotions… Your reaction to a stressful situation should be really managed, as behavior could seriously harm your professional reputation as well as your productivity.

Not only to keep the professional reputation but also to ensure the well balanced, full filled life emotional management is vital. As a next step, emotional intelligence and using emotional intelligence at work places creates more motivated and productive environments.

Would you like to learn how to handle difficult situations and difficult people at work?

  • identify and manage your own emotions and those of others
  • increase your self awareness and individual performance
  • understand how your brain affects your thinking, decision making and problems solving
  • regulate your own emotions, calm down or cheer up another person
  • increase ability to successfully manage the constant challenges
  • practice of emotional intelligence
  • enhance trust, professional growth and confidence
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