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“Find the right questions. You don’t invent the answers, you reveal the answers.”
— Jonas Salk (the Virologist who found the Polio Vaccine….)


Purpose-Connected is a team coaching approach, which aims to co-create value for customers and stakeholders, in order to accelerate an organisation’s growth. Teams (Hubs) that align on a collective purpose are more likely to succeed.

  • With Purpose-Connected, the focus is on the leadership team as a collective entity. It is a facilitated way for teams, departments and organisations to identify a set of connectors and align around an agreed purpose.
  • Purpose-Connected is about creating a culture that enables a high degree of flexibility, employee engagement, decision-making with limited data, and agile innovation.
  • The Purpose-Connected Practice has robust roots in established management and coaching models, as well as incorporating current leadership theory, including Systemic Team Coaching®.


The Purpose-Connected framework is based on core and growth enablers, which underpin purpose and connection, along with an understanding of:

  • What is our purpose?
  • How are we thinking, acting and caring about this purpose?
  • Who are the key stakeholders?
  • How are we connecting to make that purpose happen?

There are 3 phases to the Purpose-Connected Practice:

  1. Environment Review: assessment of the drivers of change, review and analysis of enablers between teams (Hubs);
  2. Purpose-Connected programme consists of: workshops, team coaching and 1-1 coaching – create and enhance the connectors between teams (Hubs) and align with the identified Hubs’ purpose;
  3. Self-supporting framework: co-create to support continuous learning and adjustment.

By focusing on purpose and connectors, we develop a self-supporting framework that allows an organisation to thrive, adapt and innovate in the face of today’s challenges.

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September, 29th

Why Purpose-Connected now?

  • Fear of the unknown?
  • Systems no longer fit for purpose?
  • Stuck in survival mode with no time to take a step back?
  • Rapidly changing working patterns?
  • Unclear outcomes of this paradigm shift?
  • COVID – the catalyst for new thinking and ideas?

By identifying Purpose and strengthening connectors, we help you to develop a self-supporting framework so that you can thrive, adapt and innovate in the face of today’s environment.

A Purpose-Connected ® Approach ensures that you effectively challenge the status quo and remain relevant.

Who We Are?

Executive, Business and Team Coaches

Extensive experience across: Strategic Leadership, International Management, Leadership Assessment, Team & Leadership Development, Psychology, Employee Wellbeing

Our Approach Is Two-fold:

  • We support you to identify the “blockers” within your organisation, through research & analysis.
  • We help you develop a Purpose-Connected Approach, through a coaching framework.

Course Outcome:

Business transformation and growth by connecting leaders and teams through aligned purpose, in order to thrive, adapt and innovate in the face of today’s paradigm shift.
Through the Purpose-Connected framework, teams are engaging better with each other, overcoming some of the challenges that were present before and highlighted during the review. Identifying a collective purpose between teams has significantly contributed to achieving their joint deliverables and led to an acceleration of growth. This approach to team coaching has ensured that we are better placed to deal with the outcome from the pandemic.


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