Disconnect to Thrive!

3 DAY EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP RETREAT October 16-19 | Fethiye, Turkey

In today’s uncertainty driven by geopolitics and significant changes in work models,
executives are forced to constantly work on crisis mode. They have no time to step back and reflect on
essential questions and solutions to keep driving successfully their companies and teams.

As a leader in this climate, are you often asking these questions ?

"How can I lead the company to move to the next level of success?"

"Do I see all the opportunities clearly in today`s conditions?"

"Am I showing up as the leader I want to be?"

Leadership focus is more important than ever to align strategy and the resources
to confidently drive in uncertainty and deliver exceptional performances !

Change the game in this uncertain climate!

Join this immersive and exclusive leadership program to thrive in today’s world! With this exclusive Leadership Retreat Program you will get the space and tools to focus on your strategies for success while networking with other successful leaders.

Throughout this program you will:

  • Master your success resources and strategies
  • Connect and share with other successful leaders 
  • Give yourself the opportunity to reconnect with your values and your vision
  • In a hidden island, immerse yourself in an exclusive retreat designed for your success 

Prague Training Academy certified executive coaches and facilitators are ready to support you to make
the most out of this program, putting in their knowledge and endless passion!
Reserve now your place to secure your access to this exclusive and well-deserved getaway!

Who is Executive Leadership Program for?

This is a program for executives and leaders who are ready for growth.
For successful business owners and top executives who would like to use the opportunity of disconnecting from their daily routine to step back, evaluate, regenerate and create the winning strategies for their business and lives. It is a great opportunity and unique program for those who are ready for the next level of leading.

Why Executive Leadership Retreat ?

This Executive Leadership Retreat is unlike any other retreats or leadership programs.
It is an specially designed program covering the full spectrum of needs that today`s leaders expect. Unlike any other leadership programs this retreat gives you the opportunity to approach leadership from an inside out perspective, allowing you to fully connect to your individual authentic leadership voice.

Why Prague Training Academy for executive leadership retreat?

We are bringing 21 years of business experience and leadership practice in combination with our
expertise in executive coaching, training in neuroscience, mind, emotions and behavior. We coach for transformation and sustainable success rather than transactional short term achievements. Our team is well-trained on guiding you to success and your next level of achievement. We are experts on success resources, human brain, behavior and emotions. We lead the Inside-Out Leadership program that enables today`s leaders to fully embrace their authentic voice. We work with top leading corporations in the world like Oracle, eBay, Cisco, SAP and many others. We know the challenges of today`s leaders very well and we are expert in creating platforms for share, learn and growth. 

Join us if you want to reset and rewire!

This very exclusive opportunity is limited to 10 seats only, don't miss your chance!

The Location

Yazz collective, a perfect hideaway

A seaside heaven set on one of Fethiye’s iconic Cove’s, Turunç Pınarı that can only be accessed by boat!

A 5 stars destination filled with opportunities for culinary experiences, spiritual discoveries and relaxation. With its green architecture and eco-conscious approach, you will experience this unearthed haven in purest form with a touch of luxury. Timeless settings by local and natural materials combined with modern and traditional feel designed very specifically to take advantage of the natural splendor. The elegant, timeless setting, highlighted by local material furnishings, copper lighting is every bit as inspiring as the cuisine. Stunning sea views from both restaurants are as lively as ever, and so is the Mediterranean inspired cuisine which features ingredients from their extensive organic farm.

Clients we work with

Client Testimonials

The people participating in the coaching seminar designed for IKEA were extremely happy and I only have very positive feedback. I would really say that they benefit not only as individual but also as a team working together and supporting each other for extraordinary personal development achievements!

Alessandro Lagazio,
HR Director – IKEA

With  Prague Training Academy and it’s amazing team, because of their efforts and professionalism, we were able to create a tailored made training for our department. The training itself was very inspirational, both trainers showed in-depth knowledge in the subject matter and they successfully achieved a perfect blend of theory and practice. The feedback that we received from all the participants was positive and we feel that the overall goal of the training was successfully meet. 

Alexandru Oprea,
Training Coordinator – Oracle

The training with Prague Training Academy was well organized and extremely well received by the team. The trainer was very experienced in NLP based techniques for advance communication. He addressed all the team’s questions and kept their attention for the full eight hours. Each team member left with at least three techniques that they would implement in their work. 

Miroslava Mihaleva,
Operations Team Manager – Cisco

Meet your guides

Ebru Sznapkova

Ebru is the founder and managing director at PTA. She is bringing her 21 years of expertise in different industries and leadership practice to the next level supporting her clients` growth in leadership.  Ebru is a brain coach and a purposeful leader to the business people who are ready to grow in their business and career. She works with professionals who are ready to start their Inside-out growth and she works with managers who are ready to transit their managerial skills into leadership skills. As a leader of people in business, Ebru offers guidance and coaching to those who are ready to be more fulfilled and successful in their business whilst in their career path.

Francesca Fabricio

Francesca is partner at PTA, a certified coach and trained NLP practitioner.Over 20 years of international management experience in fast paced startup projects across Asia and Europe have given her the opportunity to build and train teams across different cultures and departments. Her mission now is to empower humans and contribute making companies spaces for growth and development. She is passionate about cultural diversity topics and believes companies can achieve excellence in performance by making cultural intelligence part of the company culture.


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