Prague Training Academy at International Leadership Week

This year we are organizing the International Leadership Week  together with high impact leaders, leadership experts and coaches who will deliver you international insights and valuable leadership practice.

We focus on 3 important topics in 2022; Future Readiness, Wellbeing and Social Mobility.

Social Mobility: Our societal structures mean that a person’s background can dictate access to education and job opportunities. In today’s climate, it’s essential to learn more about social mobility, so you can better support your people and influence positive change.

Wellbeing: Good mental health and wellbeing is a core enabler of employee engagement and organisational performance. Actively
promoting wellbeing to your teams can prevent stress and burnout, while creating a positive working environment where your people and the organisation can thrive.

Future Readiness: During the Covid pandemic many businesses shone through the crisis with incredible agility, adapting at rapid speed in
order to keep their business alive and safeguard jobs. This is what future readiness is all about – mapping out what comes next and planning to prepare for it.

Meet International Contributors

Edith Illes
COO, WW Digital Sales at SUSE
Leadership Wellbeing

Blake Wittman
Leader at Goodcall
Future readiness on Hiring and Motivation

Renata Dvorakova
Country Leader at Oracle
Future of Work

Lynne Gillon
Executive Coach
Purpose-Connected Practice for Leadership

Ebru Sznapkova
Founder and Leader Prague Training Academy – Int. School of Coaching
Future Readiness: Leading InsideOut

Thomas De Bruyne
Deloitte Xperience Lab Lead & Transformational Leadership | Co -Chair Transformative
Tech CZ  
Essential Leadership Characteristic for Future

Michal Sraher
Co-Founder & CHO at Workshop Box, Happiness@Work, Joinera & XR Leaders
Leading Happiness @Work

Irina Ivanova
Wellbeing and Mental Health Trainer
Your Resilience Guide: Resilience is like a running marathon, not a sprint. 

Jana Vlková
MRICS Head of Workplace Advisory and Office Agency Colliers International
Future Readiness in Workplace

Renata Mrazova
Chief People Officer at
Home Credit
Leadership Impact on Social Mobility

Antonia Kercheva
Inclusive Leadership Coach
How Inclusive Leadership Impacts Your Entire Business

About The Institute and International Leadership Week

International Leadership Week is the halo, annual, virtual event created by The Institute of Leadership & Management to share insights and stories of the global  leadership issues that affect us all.  This year Institute announced that ILW23 wil be postponed to March 2023. Prague Training Academy will run the Leadership Week 22 and will follow Institute content for ILW23. 

Prague Training Academy supports and contributes to the International Leadership Week by running it in the Czech Republic.

Running over 5 days, ILW22 will be packed full of thought-provoking discussions with high-profile leaders and experts. There will be a combination of interviews, talks and articles available at the platform. 

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