Leadership Decision Making

by Ebru Sznapkova

Leadership Decision Making

by Ebru Sznapkova

Leadership role requires leaders to make many decisions at daily basis. Some decisions are minor and will not impact others in the organization however some decisions will have huge impact on the organization and anyone under that leadership.

Decision making is a daily act for anyone who is in the management role and loads a big responsibility. Leaders have a responsibility to make good decisions for the organization and everyone involved in that decision. 

The most challenging for a leadership is to make decisions under the time of pressure. There are 4 basic leadership decision making styles that leaders use most commonly.

Autocratic style: This style is used when quick decisions needs to be taken. Leader does not consult with anyone and decide strategically himself. Leader takes the control and the ownership of the decision. This style is used usually in crisis situations where quick decision making is required. 

Collaborative style: Leader gathers information from his team before making the decision himself. Leader encourages his team to provide the view, information, suggestion which brings different point of views and deeper knowledge in decision making.

Consensus style: Decision making is done by the vote, this way organization gives voice to everyone. This decision making style supports the team spirit and the ownership in the decisions made and supports positive team culture.

Convenience style: Leader delegates the decision making to his team or team member. How do you decide which style to use when?

Good leaders understand how their decision-making style affects others and the organization.

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