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Starts on: March 2022


We prepared a strong sales strategies program for you; female entrepreneurs who are ready now to kick start the growth.

As the world keeps changing economically with pandemic; this is now a perfect time to take an action and review – replan your business development and sales strategy.

A solid strategy is needed for every business; it is a north star.

Most entrepreneurs come up with a great business idea; kick off the operation with great enthusiasm and then they tend to get lost on the way when the things do not go as predicted.

We see having strong business development and sales skills make it much easier and smoother in these challenging environments.

We prepared a solid program for you to re evaluate and build your sales strategy now for growth.

Who Is This Course For?

This program is for future and current entrepreneurs who are willing to establish a growth base business strategy. Individuals who are ready to kick start their business with a great business idea where they do not have the structured plan in place to guide them in the sales operations, support marketing efforts and business development activities.

Anyone who is willing to move their business to the next level can join this training.

What This Course Will Cover?

This course has 2 modules.

In 1. Module you will learn how to define your sales strategy. 

  • Territory Definition
  • Territory Mapping
  • Coverage
  • Product / Service Definition
  • Setting Unique Value Propositioning
  • Defining your Niche
  • Channel Types
  • Transactional Coverage
  • The Growth Model

In 2. Module you will learn core sales skills and techniques. 

    • Business Development
    • Awareness vs. Sales
    • Sales and Sales Management
    • B2B Sales
    • B2C Sales
    • Lead Generation
    • Pipeline Management
    • Direct vs. Indirect Sales
    • Negotiation
    • Growing Deal Size
    • Growing Customer Base

The ``Boost`` The Growth Model

  • Learn the tools, techniques that will help you to boost the growth in your business.

    Discover your business, opportunities, options, strategy and target.

    Business: Clearly identify your business and the coverage plan.

    Opportunities: During the opportunity session will clearly define the top 10 opportunities to grow your business and services.

    Options: We will define the options through the options session.

    Strategy: You will define your business strategy clearly while learning the techniques and the tools for success.

    Techniques: We will learn how to implement the business development and sales strategy with useful tracking tools and the techniques.

Comprehensive ‘Live-Online’ Training

  • This program is delivered live online that will help you to secure one the most important assets of businesswomen – time.  The live- online course will enable you to join the course from your work, home, travel or holiday destination. The participants will have the opportunity to learn, practice, implement during the course time.


  • You will be given after each module the templates with given tools and the techniques that you can easily implement what you learn during the course as a real business development and sales strategy in place easily.


  • At the beginning of the program and at the end of the program you will have 2 sessions of business coaching with a professional trained PTA coach.

On This Course, You Will Learn

  • How to establish your business strategy
  • Define- refine your business goals
  • How to boost the business growth
  • How to sell B2B or B2C
  • How to define your territory
  • How to grow your business with channel
  • How to increase your conversion
  • How to increase your deal size


  • Participants will receive certificate of attendance upon successfully completing Sales Academy for Entrepreneurs by Prague Training Academy.

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