The Power of Coaching in Times of Crises

by Ebru Sznapkova

We are all going through the challenging times. The other day I was told the world will need more therapists than coaches. I admit there is a need of an emotional and psychological support during tough times but still I do believe that people should be given with the tools and the techniques that leverage their mood, regulate their emotions, and find the necessary fuel and the motivation to keep going.

This is a time for innovation. The conditions have changed in very aspect of our lives, the way we live, operate, work and connect has changed. Our needs have changed significantly.

From self-fulfillment needs at the Maslow`s need pyramid from top where we were heading; now we are down to basic needs which is safety and security needs.

So this is a time where innovation will win and exhaustion will lose. What it means is; do reinvent the way you live, work and connect in order to be aligned with the time and the conditions we currently operate in…

Everything is energy. If you do not have energy this means you have less motivation or no motivation; you have less desire to start an action, to complete a task and deliver the goals either set by you or given to you… Maybe even these goals are no relevant to the current reality.

So a coach means your co partner in the journey who is helping to activate the energy, motivation and resourcefulness within you during these tough times. A good coach who can observe and monitor your emotional, behavioral and results cycle very well and can help you to diagnose the parts, places, points to be looked at over strong coaching conversations.

Good coaching conversation helps all of us to refresh and find out the answers that we are seeking for because a good coach asks good questions to diagnose.

This is a time for being creative, looking at all options, possibilities. This is a time for re inventions, collapses and reborn time from the ashes where necessary. This is a time where we have to be and act resourceful to generate options, new ways, make discoveries.

Because the ones who will adapt and create options will survive and thrill whereas the ones who will act as resourceless and waits the conditions to change back to the used normal reality will not survive in the given conditions.

As innovations will follow, we will need to act faster than old normal and adapt, keep producing, delivering, achieving with a full new way of approach.

A good coach can work with you in these times to generate the best out of you no matter what conditions out there; a good coach helps you to create, activate, transform what is already in you; in your unlimited potential. A good coach can help you to identify the skills to be gained, developed or transformed. A good coach can partner you in this journey to turn the crisis into opportunities.

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