What Coaching Really Is?

by Ebru Sznapkova

What Coaching Really Is?

by Ebru Sznapkova

You may have noticed that nowadays everyone started to talk about coaching. There are lots of professionals extending their interest on development and becoming professional certified coaches. More and more we hear life coaching, business coaching, sales coaching, executive coaching, relationship coaching, sports coaching, success coaching….

So why we start to hear more and more coaching terminology almost in every media now….?

Coaching is a very useful tool for developing skills, abilities and helping individuals to achieve their personal and business goals. 

It is a process that; helps the coachee (person being coached) to achieve what he / she really wants to achieve by supporting him /her to assess the opportunities and challenges, and find his/her best own solutions over the coaching conversations. This process helps to discover, recognize and accept coachee`s unlimited potential and the power within. 

One important fact behind the process is; A certified professional coach is a great communication expert and listens for patterns! Focuses to continue where you want to go not where you came from!

Coaching focuses on ` `the present and the future`` with direction always to move forward. Coaching means unlimited possibilities and potentials. Coaching is a process of unlocking the potential of the person.

Coaching conversations grow ideaspossibilities and options. Therefore we believe coaching is a great development tool for individuals and coaching conversations can take place between a mother and a child at home or between peers at work, between teacher and student or a manager and direct report….

Coaching is a thought provoking process on solution, ways, formula discovery… 

As we would like to grow people in business, at home, at school; we will see coaching becoming more and more part of our everyday conversations. If you want to support the change process of others and learn how this professional tool could be applied, you can join one of our complimentary sessions. 

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