Why should I be certified as a Coach?

by Ebru Sznapkova

Why should I be certified as a Coach?

by Ebru Sznapkova

An accredited training program and the certification distinguishes the professinally trained coaches in the market.  A good coaching skills training will help the future coach to fully be trained on what professional coaching is, develop core coaching competencies, fully learn the code of ethics. This code of ethics sets the expectation of best practice in coaching. It is more and more preferred by the industry to work with professionally trained coaches who ensures to practice the professional coaching standards at best level. Being a certified coach is the best way to become an expert in your proficiency. Currently; coaching is not regulated by any country or state however if you would like to become a professional coach you should consider to go through the professional coach specific training and the certification process.

What does AC stand for?

The Association for Coaching was established in 2002 and is a leading independent and not-for- profit professional body dedicated to promoting best practice and raising awareness and standards of coaching worldwide. As an inclusive body, with members in over 60 countries, it is made up of professional coaches, academic institutions, trainers and providers of coaching, as well as sponsors of coaching from the third sector through to large corporates, building coaching cultures.

The purpose of Association for Coaching is to inspire and champion coaching excellence, to advance the coaching profession and make a sustainable difference to individuals, organizations and society.

What is an AC Accredited Coach Training Program?


To continue to drive the highest standards in coaching the Association for Coaching offers accreditation of Coach Training Programmes. This offers reassurance to buyers of coach training that a training programme meets the AC standard for comprehensive coach training, encompassing the application of the AC Coaching Competency Framework, adherence to the Global Code of Ethics for Coaches & Mentors, and incorporates a blended learning approach which includes a balance of verified practical experience supported by theoretical content.

The AC offers four different levels of coach training accreditation to reflect the development of a coach from novice to mastery.

  • Accredited Award in Coach Training (AACT)
  • Accredited Certificate in Coach Training (ACCT)
  • Accredited Diploma in Coach Training (ADCT)
  • Accredited Advanced Diploma in Coach Training (AADCT)

Each level of accreditation has specific requirements.

Why is AC accreditation important in coach training?

The coaching industry has now matured to the extent that buyers of coaching services, both individuals and organizations, require ways to compare and differentiate between coaches. They wish to know that a coach is likely to be effective, is supported by a Professional Membership Body and that the service provided will be fit for purpose – before investing. Accreditation demonstrates that coaches have benchmarked themselves against high professional standards, and provides reassurance to buyers of coaching regarding the level of experience and capability of coaches.

An evidence based accreditation process requires a coach to take considerable time and care to meet the criteria, demonstrating a commitment to client care and professional development. Although accreditation cannot eliminate bad practice completely, in conjunction with an effective Global Code of Ethics for Coaches & Mentors.it does encourage standards of excellence.

How do I become an AC certified Coach?


Complete a coach specific training that meets AC requirements.

Meet the number of required study hours and coaching practice.

Pass a live coaching assesment where you demonstrate the mastery of AC definition of coaching, code of Ethics and core coaching competencies.

Who is this AC certified Coach Training for?

This course is for individuals who wish to work as life or business coaches, managers whose work involves in performance management and people development, business leaders who would like to achieve better business results and improve performance.

What kind of certification I will get after completing the training?

Upon successful completion of the course and assessment, participants will be awarded a certificate as a coach, certified in Professional Coaching Skills and an Association for Coaching (AC) Accredited Certificate in Coach Training (ACCT).
 How is coaching defined by the Association of Coaching?

collaborative solution-focusedresults oriented and systematic process in which the coach facilitaties the enhancement of work performancelife experienceself-directed learning and personal growth of the coachee.

Should I become a Coach?

Every person has an individual motivation to become a professional coach. But we tend to observe in our students the commonality of the following;

They are passionate about growth

They like, love to work with people

They love helping their clients to achieve /create the best potential and version of their life

They use collobrative systematic process

Continues development is an everyday topic for them

They are ready to commit to coaching excellence

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