Are you looking for answers? You are holding the key.​

 by David Kaufman

Are you looking for answers? You are holding the key.​

 by David Kaufman

„If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change “ – Wayne Dwyer

Often, we run around the world looking for answers to life.

Looking for inspiration, motivation, guidance, or direction. All to avoid pain, disappointment, or fear. For search of wanting to get more pleasure in life from love, health, or success. Is it not the right happiness after all?

We are learning along the life from our past experiences and expecting the life to be a certain way. Often, we prefer to stay in the comfort place in life of what is known and secure to us, rather than accepting the change and the unknown. Often, we fear to make a commitment or decision because we find it too painful. Too much of the work and effort. Some then rather choose the immediate pleasure rather than having to think of a long-term consequence.

It’s like we are walking around with a cage on our heads looking for the keys. But we forget we are holding the keys in our hands – mind to be exact.

The way we see the world is only our perception of it. The same experience of a certain situation could be completely different to us then to somebody else.

Think about it…you may be seeing the exact same movie, and some may think of it as a great movie and some think of it as a terrible and waste of time. Why is that? Some may get emotional on certain occasion and others will remain untouched by it. Ever experienced that?

Here is why. Any situation or what we experience we proceed internally, and the output is our reaction to that event. How we response to that situation is different because we all are different individuals with different life experiences, different beliefs, values. We all have different filters which we delete, distort, or generalize that experience.

For this reason, our reality of that experience varies from everybody else. We call it map of the world in NLP. And everyone has its own map of the world. The key to communication is to then understand the other person’s map of the world. Or in other words to understand their reality first before we can judge, prescribe, or help.

Therefore, how we react or behave based on the initial even (experience) will have direct impact on the results we get. Eventually our quality of life.

Knowing that what we perceive (and how we perceive it) and how it then affects us – our behaviours or actions – is the key we are all holding in our hand. 

If we accept that our map of the world is not the territory and that our beliefs and values can also change, we can change how we perceive the world. We can then change the things how we are reacting or behaving towards certain things or in the certain situations. Changing our experience and our feelings and emotions from it. And by that change noticing how this can change the results we are getting in life.

You also have the key. We all have a key which we are holding, and which can open the cage we often carry around. To make more pleasure and less pain in life. To get the answers we are all looking for…

About David Kaufman – NLP Trainer and Professional Certified Coach

He graduated from a university with a focus on economics and interpersonal relations in Prague. He studied tourism and management in Great Britain. After 14 years he worked and did business abroad – UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia.

After returning to the Czech Republic, he was the Managing Director, where he built an international brand in the hotel and tourism industry. He has been dedicated to personal development for 12 years. He is a certified NLP Trainer (ANLP certified) and a professional certified coach (The Association for Coaching certification).

He is a passionate traveler, experimenter, investor, entrepreneur, and founder of Traveler’s Choice, Underground Fitness ™ and Lifestyle Movement ™

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